Anyone gets email from Green man gaming?


I’ve heard that Pre-load will be allowed soon,

But I don’t get any code-email from Green man gaming until now

if they don’t send me code at that time(Feb 10), I won’t be happy :…(

with anxiety, I’m asking you guys who buy Evlove at Greenmangaming.


I haven’t got the email yet, but I went to the site and was able to download it

Edit: nevermind, it says download but doesnt give the code


Nothing yet I’m afraid. I have faith they will supply them before the 10th though :smile:


hahaha so true!


Is that faith based on past experience?


Yep. they don’t give the key to us yet


I bought from GMG. First time pre-ordering but reading online they appear to send them out usually 1-3 days before release. I suspect sunday we will get them.


Thanks XD
it may help me well!


I’ve ordered a fair few games from GMG and always got the keys on time/ahead of schedule for preload. The only reason I could think for that not happening is a screw up on them being supplied keys. It’s usually, as @EIectron said, 1-3 days.


Great, that’s quite reassuring :smile: just fingers crossed nothing goes wrong.


As a heads up, I just received my email with code :slight_smile:


I just bought it (again) on GMG and got a code.


Wow… not mine yet…

Oh I’m jealous!!


Yup! Just received mine moments ago as well!


OH! Pleassse!!



Got mine as well


If it makes a difference, I just bought Evolve again and received a code for it, but the other copy I bought a while ago hasn’t sent a code yet.

Edit, nevermind, both codes in my email now…


I get it too!!! YAY


Got my code too at 15:21 for Monster Race edition. Got a slight worry though.

Just logged into Steam and see that Evolve is already on my Steam profile, 26.2GB pre-load ready to go. Tried to add the code to my Steam profile, it seemed to accept it and showed some loading bars then Steam froze about half-way through, reopened Steam, it had to update, once done I went to try and register the code again and this time it said the game was already registered with my account. I can’t see anything different about the game at the moment really.

According to the DLC section of the game’s page in my Steam Library, I have the “Monster Expansion Pack” installed. If I click on the ‘Find more DLC in store’ button it just lists the ‘Evolve Hunting Season Pass’ which is £19.99, I can add it to cart, although it does say “In Library” on the left overlayed on the picture for that DLC.

Anyone else with Monster Race edition able to verify how it appears in Steam? I feel like the code registration might have messed up or something.


It showed up in my library as well, I think it’s because we were in the beta, so steam is slightly confused