Anyone gets an error message?


"Failed to connect to online profile service. Your online stats will not be saved "


what just happened?


I just got this too, I have no idea what it’s about but I’ve recently been having issues.
Saying I’m banned from playing with friends and not being able to play multiplayer at all earlier today…


Yep, have this as well. Tried restarting game, Xbox, and checked network settings, none of these fixed this. Has to be server side (2K?).


=\ yeah im gettin this error on PC atm…

Tried restarting comp, router etc and none of it works.


Well I put a ticket in and they suggested I swapped to another steam account and back in, which at first I chuckled at but then felt silly because I realised that would clear my cache and AAA titles are hard, yaknow?
So yeah that worked for the being banned thing but for this current problem.
I dunno, all the simple fixes haven’t worked. It’s been a couple days now and I just wanna play da viddy games kwam?


In the last 5 minutes I’ve restarted steam, router, PC. Then reinstalled Evolve. Then reinstalled Windows. Then rebuilt my PC. Still can’t connect. I want to play if you didn’t notice.


I can confirm I am seeing the same. I can get to the main menu, but if I then click on my profile and go to check badges it says it cannot contact a badge server. I suspect a lot of the back-end infrastructure is either inaccessible or down.


I’m getting the same error nessage, must be server-side error


yeah i cant login. And i hear that if you continue to play you will lose progress


All the more reason to stop. Where did you hear that from however - has anyone confirmed progress loss on PC due to what’s going on?


Can’t connect on ps4. Servers must be dow. , no problems with connection on any other device or game.


Doesn’t make any sense. You can’t connect online so you can’t ‘continue playing’ to begin with. You’re character progression is different matter altogether.


Same issues here on xb1. Was playing just fine an hour ago now I am getting the same attention message.


It’s down.


Oh, thank God. I thought I was gonna get wiped.

Edit: 2K, please feel free to let players know when you’re doing maintenance or whatever.


2K being 2K.


so this happend 4 years ago and its happening again on my xbox whats going on with evolve


It’s happening now because the servers are shut down. You have to choose no when it asks to retry.