Anyone get the notion we've angered someone?


A DDOS’er perhaps? Just saying.


How do you come to this :stuck_out_tongue: a small server error or somthing could have caused it to :stuck_out_tongue:


A ddos would have lasted much longer than this, I think its just a server reboot. It happens in the world of IT


Well, because I know I’m unintentionally good at making people take drastic action. or something.

Look, I’m bored, I’m trying to make conversation.


I believe it’s due to changes in discourse, the forum software.



Aaaaah. Righto then.


Ohh okay, um yes we’ve angered Anonymous by our lack of interweb security. Or its the north Koreans XD


I was thinking more along the lines of the people who are insistant that this game is a crime against gamers.

If they’re willing to get shakespearean on our asses (“There will be retribution, and I will get what I am owed” -I’m positive someone said that about the leaderboards once) then they’re willing to try and shut down the forums because they think it’s edgy.


Or its somebody that got banned from the forum, or… Illuminati


Well the three categories have a fairly large overlap.


It was just a file system issue. No big deal.


this is going to turn into a conspiracy theory thread :wink: