Anyone finding it harder to land a pounce now?


Many times during combat I know I hit my sneak button and not button mashing. Then when I attack I do a normal attack which is often out of range. Anyone else experiencing having a harder time getting sneak attacks to fire? I know there is a 2s cooldown between sneak attacks.


You wanna know hard to pounce have Markov as assault leave him alive and try to pounce him while he shocks you


Yah I’ve barely gotten any pounces at all in awhile. Every once in awhile one will go through but usually it just attacks. Bit of a pain, particularily on my wraith decoy pounces.


like 2 patches ago it has gotten harder for me not sure if they even did anything if they did i think its good. so a pounce is not automatic. But requires more precision.


Nope. It does has a small cooldown but landing a pounce is still the same.