Anyone else's jimmies rustled because we wern't given the predator skins for every support?


Apperently the devs looked at the telemetry and set reasonable bucket goals. But i doubt they took into consideration that the Kraken is OP even without the CC and aftershock bugs and with them and the bum rushing of elite perks he is a god. Why wouldn’t every chump pick Kraken on that weekend who is so godlike especially since Bucket cant do much to him. We were unable to hit the 350 mil goal and this is with ppl that grinded their asses off at the expense of their time and sanity… These bugsand balance issues among many others have been active far too long to begin with. Its also pretty dissapointing that the dlc characters were released in this state.

Sunnys drone has too much hp and is quickly replaced. Rock wall and Toungue are buggy still etc. The best part is I went offline after the bucket challenge and saw the Leviathan skin which is much better then the dinky predator skins imo and then signed on to see the skins corrected as the kicker. Your probably thinking “they’re just skins dude, chill”, but the least they could have done is given us all of the predator skins as a sorry but nope.

This game is in a nasty cycle at the moment. Kraken roflstomps pubbers, pubbers either stop playing or form a srs buisiness pre made who in turn stomp monsters that arn’t playing extremely well with a top tier monster which then scares off most monster players. I really hope that patch saves this game. Sorry for another rant fellas and please Midnight, dont post that creepy clip with the baby and dancing gorillas. Its quite creepy haha.


…Awww. But. But. But…






Never. Im still traumatized by the last time I saw those oddly animated gorillas lol.


You know, if it was just the fact that people played the clearly broken Kraken during the event, I would have been OK with missing out on the skins. It is a community challenge, and if a big portion of the community decided to work against the goal, then the community pays.

However, when you add in the fact that…

  1. The event announcement was very last minute
  2. The in-game announcement didn’t explain the stretch goal
  3. The XBox servers were having issues
  4. There is still confusion about whether or not solo stuff counts, since devs seem to say yes for some events and no for others
  5. There seemed to be some confusion about how long the event went on, not sure if this is a legit complaint though

All of these things combined, I think they could have done something to compensate. Add some time to the event, allow for a “makeup day” the next weekend, give us the skins, something like that.


I’m not upset about not getting them. We didn’t hit the goal. Yes the kraken players screwed us all. But that’s life.


Yea I remember reading about xbox’s turret damage not working but wasnt sure if it was true. And yea I guess, Therubexcube. Why should ppl even bother going out of their way for skins when your gonna have to pull in several times the amount of progress thats normal for one person since theres so many selfish turds in this already small playerbase.


You didn’t say anything about me doing it


I feel more like this


The horror…


Oh I get it. It’s a “KLAKEN OP BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW” thread, not a dissapointment at not getting skins thread.

Sod off.


I gotcha covered, Midnight


We didn’t make it. There was a goal. We failed.

You are entitled to nothing.


This, this, this. Absolutely.


My.jimmies were so rustled i named em nuetron.


We were entitled to a fair chance for the skins at least.


I could care less for support honestly I know I was kraken and the first person I downed was bucket for that reason.

For the whole Xbox issue they added in points for what we would of had as compensation and we still came up short so I see no problem with not getting the skins.


While I agree the stretch goal should have been announced, I remember the dev responsible for the event saying that even when he fluffed the numbers to account for the Xbox server issues it still didn’t make it. Also, they’ve said that as long as you’re connected to the my2k servers, solo counts.


He used maths and stats. That’s still fallible. Didn’t account for externals.