Anyone else want to praise TRS for the balance changes?


Seriously guys A+ on addressing the prominent issues like with Kraken, Hank, and Slim as well as the less pronounced issues like with Kala.

The new co-op map is kinda neat, I guess, not sure if it’s worth more player base splitting. A real priority should be a new geometrically unique map instead of these variants adding an extra layer of complexity new players don’t need to be dealing with.

That said, they seem to be going in a great direction so I think some simple patience is all we need for now.


The only recent changes I’ve disliked are the huge solo que hunter buffs, and the crazy map variants (though the latter is being address with the upcoming arcade mode).

I think overall TRS are doing fine work.


Nah, I’ll just keep crying OP and screaming nerf at everything lol. Jokes aside, I’m glad that you think the balancing is going good. That just means a better and more balanced Stage 2 console release!