Anyone else unable to log into Evolve Companion App?


Title. Says network error for me and it crashed midgame. Everything else works ok.

Thanks in advance!


It’s down right now, they posted it on Facebook that it would be and now this is the third time I’ve said it XD. They haven’t said when it’ll be up yet.


They are updating it. It literally says it when you try to login :stuck_out_tongue:


It is under maintenance for a few hours. It will likely be up by tomorrow the latest (hopefully sooner).


Does not say that to me. Thanks for answers guys. Any word on ehat update is it? Anything in game or just network?


We’re ‘hoping’ it’s skin unlocks, but no idea. Possibly bug fixing.


They haven’t announced what it is. I’m hoping for more content or skins, but I expect only bug fixing or maybe server updating.


It’s back up now!