Anyone else take the day off for the release?


…or am I the only dork who did? LoL

Stockpiling the Totinos pizza Rolls (Supreme natch) and Cranberry Ginger Ale…

I imagine that’s what all your puny Hunters taste like…

So hungry…FEED ME!


The day of release and the day after :slight_smile: Still figuring out my survival-snack-pack though…


Hunters. :smiley:


@AmnDragon Delicious AND nutritious!


I was planning too. but i found out it was on the weekend. so i get that off anyway :slight_smile: time to slay the masses.


Can’t wait for this game but, no, I will not be taking off haha


@Hyble are you on X1, PS4 or PC?


Heh Nope, full day at work first…


PC Mas… ahem Monster Race! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Took the following day off. Giving it 15ish hours to work out any launch kinks then a nice solid night into the following day.




Smart thinking. Well played.


Nooooooooooooooooooooooo! That’s weak. Was looking forward to playing against/with you.


Agh, sorry my friend :frowning: I’ll definitely be uploading more videos, and possibly even streaming, so there is that at least.


Don’t have too! I have reading week :)))

I put three brackets because I’ll be rocking a double chin with all the food I’ll be eating


I did! I figured that even if there are server issues, I can still play solo!


i have vacation from the 6th to the 16th, so i’m ready to rack in some ingame hours at launch. hope to meet you all there :smiley:


what’s on the weekend?


oh im an idiot lol. the guy told me its on a friday. didnt realise that HE AND I looked at january’s calendar month…lol


lol. I figured as much :smile: . I even checked last year Feb 10 to see if that’s what you were talking about