Anyone else solely waiting for Evolve?


I keep reading about how people are waiting for a bunch of games this holiday and they list off like 3-6 games and I’m just sitting here only waiting for Evolve to come out.

Sadly, no other game I’ve found interesting this year and the ONLY other game I’m even considering is The Division that probably won’t come out until Fall 2015. But I’ll be saving a lot of money by not buying a bunch of games so I got that going which is nice.


I am looking forward to Evolve the most, but Shadow of Mordor, Alien Isolation and Arkham Knight are all on my list of what I am looking forward to. I’ll also get BL the Presequal and GTA V later after they go on sale.


I am in the same boat - Evolve is the only next gen game to impress me. And when I say impress me in the case of Evolve, I mean more impressed than I’ve ever been by a video game. Nothing else comes close. That said, I still plan to continue on league and smite when I have the time, but those aren’t exactly new.


Same here, although… I am waiting for a certain expansion for a game that shall not be mentioned out of fear of being excommunicated from the community… Lol :stuck_out_tongue:


I am closely watching Evolve, Smash Bros, No Man’s Sky, GTA V, and Zelda Wii U. I don’t have any games on pre-order. If the PS3 drops in price I plan to pick one up and scoop up games I missed out on by not owning a PS3.

Oh, and there’s crazy 3D stuff going on on my computer. :smile: Sort of working on a turn-based strategy game in space. Hopefully something I will enjoy playing myself when I’m stuck in a jet for hours on end later this year. Kind of screwing around with voxels and Bezier curves too for something unrelated.


Yeah, No Mans Sky looks really interesting… O.o


there are a bunch of games I’ll probably get, but evolve is my main squeeze


I’ll be playing alot of Heroes of the Storm now that my invite came through.


Lucky… >:/


See that means you will know the game inside and out. Which means you and me, BFF? That is if your going hunter haha.


I have a list. . .

My list includes Batman: Arkham Knight, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor, Alien: Isolation, Far Cry 4, Elite: Dangerous (Which I already have), No Mans Sky, The Division, Assassin’s Creed: Unity and of course Evolve to name a few. . .


I still don’t have an Xbox One or a PS4. I sort of miss that era of a new console cycle where you bought the thing when it came out, and there were no decent games, so you bought games you’d never heard of and it turned out they were awesome.

There were lots of great games I’d have never tried if it wasn’t for the dearth of games on release.


Me personally I really only play competitive multiplayer games, so if there are any good ones out you would know about them. It sucks there really is no good games out atm for it. So Evolve is really the only game I’m looking forward out of pretty much all the games announced the past year.


Well I do have other games I want to play ( Dragon Age Inquisition, Borderlands TPS, and Civilization Beyond Earth being the biggest) Evolve is probably the only game I’m “hyped” for. I’m excited for those other ones sure. I want to play them.

But Evolve is the one whose forum I watch every day, the game I watch every youtube video for, etc.


Agreed. Not really seeing anything else on the market and saying “I must have that!” Lots of other stuff looks cool, but they are all things I can say “I’ll give it a couple months so they can fix all the inevitable bugs before I drop some money on it.” Bugs in Evolve? Don’t care, it’s Evolve. I’ll play it no matter what.


Couldn’t tell at all, from your avatar, that you really liked competitive multiplayer.


There is a lot of games that interests me. Unfortunately, the older i get the less time i have for things that i like. This year fall looks good for gamers, but there are so many games, that it’s a problem too. October just about a month ago, had like at least 6 AAA games coming out, they would eat each other player base. That’s why I’m happy that Evolve got pushed, but TBH, i would be more happy if other games would be pushed and Evolve would be released (finished) faster… but it is what it is, so i just go with it and see what life brings.


I have 3 games currently pre-ordered The Evil Within, Skylanders Trap Team (I have a 6yo son) and Evolve of cause… Evolve however is the only next gen only title on this list and was my only reason for buying a next gen console in the first place…


Waiting for L4D3 the most.

Until L4D3, Evolve will hold me over…


I wouldn’t be diamond 1 otherwise.