Anyone else really like the day time maps?


I mean i just love them it really shows off how scary and cool loping the monsters are.

I also love how you can just hide in bushes and still not be seen.

Anyone else share the same love for the day time maps?


Yup! I’m a fan of the daylight maps.

That said, I’m a fan of variance between maps in terms of gameplay, layouts, visual themes, etc. So having the contrast between the maps is what makes me appreciate them for what they are (daylight maps included).


Yea they’re awesome but dude imagine a underground map where it’s dark as F*** but not pitch black, and all kinds of new and weird looking wildlife that uses bioluminesence as the only light source for both the hunters and monsters!


I love all of the maps. I love how the aviary has two opposing enviornments in one map. I also love how the weather changes during the course of a match, I remember one match where it was bright and sunny, and it slowly started to rain. I lost focus on hunting the monster for a few seconds while I admired the environment.


That would be epic!

You could have a monster with a light on it like an angler fish EPIC!!!


Actually I love this idea… Oh shit somebody fund this! We can have amazing little glowing Flora and Fauna that have adapted to the darkness!

This concept can go places.


I like the overcast maps a lot. Like Dam. Feels incredibly atmospheric when the fog rolls in.


I hope the devs look into something like this cause it would be an amazing Idea, just imagine how the wildlife would look, they would look much different and much more alien than the wildlife from above the surface! I wish i could draw so that i could show everyone with what I came up with but I was also thinking of a few subspecies from the surface animals like a carnivorous version of the marsh and canyon striders and maybe the mammoth birds but they would look and behave very differently


I like that there is a variety of environments and atmospheres. It really lets you see monsters at their best - in awe and terror.

I will never forget the first time I saw a Wraith. It was on the fusion plant. It appeared in a flash of lightning as a storm rolled in, holding perfectly still. In another flash of lighting, it was grabbing me by the face and dragging me into the unknown. The atmosphere was perfect, and I was nothing short of terrified.


I like them. It’s also easier to see things in them, since I suffer from visual snow, that which it harder for me to recognise silhouettes in the dark.


I like all maps, but I like darker maps better. It really fits the theme of the game and adds to the suspense. I really love the forest maps, my favorite map in both Alpha and Beta was fusion plant (Well, the east side at least. The other side with the factory is quite annoying with the big gap in the middle).