Anyone else play the cards they're dealt


Not only do I have my preference set to random, but on the character select screen I turn away and hold right and stop at random (I’d love a random option ). Whichever character I getI play with.
Anyone else do this?


So. Just me.


I’m terrible at support and Medic, so I’d rather not play those.

Also, random characters would be bad IMO since some characters fit my playstyle better than others.


I’m a jack of all trades, master of none.

Still, I mange to keep my end game stats above average, except in games which end quicly.


Interesting idea, I’ve been switching up my preferances because I found myself just playing hank, going no preferance may be the best option.

I don’t want to get too into a specific class or character, I’d like to be at least competent across the board, so I’ve never left a match when placed in a role I’d rather not have, I simply see it as a greater challenge.

The only role I REALLY don’t like, is the monster. I can hold my hands up and say I’m not very good as a monster, and I know the game probably isn’t fun for either myself or the hunters. Still haven’t left when I’ve been placed as it though.


I do it for the challenge. It’s too easy to find a character you like and stick to it. Though I do feel tempted to go against myself when a character like Lazarus shows up. Still, playing characters you hate is part of the fun.