Anyone else notice that there aren't any long-haired hunters?


Just curious as to why we don’t have any, and if it’s actually technically feasible. In assuming not since we don’t have one yet.


Caira technically has long hair, she just has it in pigtails.


Lennox might have long hair. We just never see it, because it appears to be covered up.

Also, Lazarus has long facial hair. (I know that’s not what you meant).


how is pigtails not considered long hair? uh.


Long hair is tricky to animate, plus you’d need to keep in mind that clipping issues could occur with armor.




There’s a lot involved when you make a character with long hair including making it look correct while fitting the style, not to mention all the dynamics and simulations involved.

Generally in animation you don’t see very many long-haired characters outside of big budget productions because of all the work and problems it’s guaranteed to cause. Most characters will have either hair around shoulder length or less, or it’s in some sort of hairstyle where you don’t have to worry about the hair penetrating the shoulders.

I haven’t worked very much in CryEngine either, so I can’t really tell you if there are even more steps involved when creating hair. All I know is that TRS decided early on that fur/hair was not going to be used.


gotya. long hair is 1meter+ by your definition.


In terms of lore reasons having long hair in a very hostile environment is a bad idea, especially when you are actually fighting a being.


kala probably has super long hair.


Well yeah, I’d imagine. However, her design has it covered up, and we’ll never get to see it.



I always thought that crow has long hair.


lol yeah him too


Lmao you used it.




Maggie has long hair, and so does Hank (beard hair) :stuck_out_tongue:


Maggie has an up-do and Hank has a beard. That’s obviously not what I mean.





No. She doesn’t. There’s several images of her scattered around without the hood / post-injection, and it shows she has short hair.