Anyone else notice that the new Overwatch hero Baptiste is essentially Caira?


Healing grenade launcher, Healing burst. I dunno, maybe this’ll make it easier to play him.


I didn’t even know this character existed, so I guess not.


I wouldn’t make a new thread for stuff like this, just post it in the currently existing overwatch thread


This might get me to play OW again lol, I mailed Caira and I loved her playstyle


I haven’t touched OW in so long. I think the last time I played was during last year’s March/April event, which had to deal with the black ops squad taking out talon agents. Retribution? Who knows, because it was terribly long ago.


I noticed he has a head that looks like a pencil eraser


I just cant get over his scouter he wears.


I’ve got no idea what that’s supposed to mean…is it for the joke or are you using it as an expression?


Not sure if I’d call him basically Caira. Their playstyle and feel are totally different.

He is, however, completely and utterly broken and probably going to be nerfed into the ground before long.


Eh I don’t really see it. He’s got healing grenades and Qcaira’s regen field but that’s about it.

Mercy’s got a health beam but that doesn’t make her Val.


I’m saying the top of his head in that concept art looks like the eraser on a pencil


Okay, so it’s for the joke.


I’m not even sure it’s for a joke. His head actually looks like the eraser on a pencil.


Can confirm his head model was actually based off a pencil the design team had lying around.