Anyone else Notice EMET has a machete on his chest?


I just saw that. I rolled on the floor laughting , I can just see it. Demon EMET taking over and charging the monster with the machete .


When his image was first released we presumed it must have been a healing machete :laughing:


That is true. We thought after Lennox he might be a melee healer.
Sounds like something overwatch would do.


I tried to make a joke. I know all about the healing hachet. But i only rediscovered it now. And the first image that popped in my head was EMET charging a goliath with it


That’s where I got Sensei Samurai Emet from.


Everyone thought Emet stabbed people to full health when he was first revealed. Was quite funny.


As in, silhouette or trailer? Because from the silhouette I thought he sprayed some healing chemical (like a healing flamethrower) and then in the trailer he tells you how he heals. He just neglected to say how badly.


No, when his picture was first revealed. Long after the silhouette, and right before the trailer.


That must have slipped past me :confused: I only remember my Silhouette speculation and then the teaser(s) release. I don’t remember the pictures release.


Just remembered that @ToiletWraith was the one whom started the idea that Emet healed peopl by stabbing them. :joy: