Anyone else not entirely happy with the Goliath AI?


Its not a big deal or game breaking, it just seems strange that the goliath AI will always focus the medic down not matter what like a homing missile. I have played in games against the goliath AI where the medic was at the very back of the dome pretty much as far away as he could be from the monster and despite the rest of us being right in his face he just runs right past us and goes straight for the medic. I understand that this is the best strategy as the monster but it just seems odd for the AI to behave that way (also really sucks if you are the medic. You never get a moments peace). Im fine with the AI having priorities but I think that proximity should play into the mix as well, like if the medic came within X amount of meters with the monster then he gets focused instead of the monster just blowing past everyone else to get to the medic at the back of the dome. What do you guys think?


I agree on this. It gets boring when you’re not getting pummeled into a pulp…


As a Medic main, I can safely say that it does this every single time without fail. Trapper on low health and right at your feet around a corner where I can’t heal him and you’re in a dome at stage one with no armor?

Kill the Medic.

Support’s cloak gone on low health with you on the ropes and me sixty meters away?

Kill the Medic.

Medic in a Tyrant, Daisy running away?

Kill the Medic.



Exactly. Its just so predictable and feels out of place that he would go so far out of his way to specifically attack the medic. I’m glad I’m not the only one who has noticed.


It’s difficult not to notice when I’m running away screaming for help as my team flounders around. It’s almost funny, but it’s also very painful. ;-; @Shin Likes to to laugh at my misfortune.


It feels like he has a homing device on the medic.

What’s this? The whole team is here and the medic is 200 meters away? Better get my jogging shoes on.


I’m not entirely happy with the AI period. I posted a detailed thead about Hunter bot AI but it was buried under “x is OP” threads & various frivolous nonsense. I think the AI should be an issue.

Monsters have a tendency to start climbing things for no reason just to jump back down, or otherwise present themselves as targets in ways no human player ever would. They fight with their abilities fairly well and try to focus the Medic, but they don’t maximize DPS the way humans players do. They don’t sneak very much either, so they’re always easy to find; the Hunter AI is lost at sea when you sneak for the whole match so you never need to run into them until you want to.

Focusing the Medic actually does have a proximity attached to it, but it’s like 60m or more so you have to be nowhere near the fight. Also you can juke them and they’ll start focusing others in their way. I have a lot of success against the AI as Laz just running circles around things and cloaking. They will often prioritize the Medic when it’s silly to do so, then if they were to start losing and incidentally kill the Trapper, dropping a dome, they’ll often stay and fight and keep trying to kill the Medic. You can use it to your advantage when people start going down - just let them chase the Medic away.


Strange… goliath focus me a lot when i am medic, but only if i heal others… when i stop heal… after a moment he change his focus on someone else… if i have hank in team he focus him more than me because he shield others. Btw when i was assault in defend … i was person he focused 60% game(rest 40% on medic - no hank in game)… i don’t know why… maybe i am too awesome to live in goli AI world :smiley:


LOL I made a hunter bot thread too. Maggie won’t dome anything until stage 3, and basically runs behind everyone (and picks fights with every single wildlife on the way). They all pick too many wildlife fights actually. They all use their abilities as soon as they come off cooldown, doesn’t matter what you’re doing at the time. For instance, Caira will literally use acceleration when you’re standing still as Bucket using your UAV. Hank will mess up your life with his orbital. It’s silly.

Don’t even get me started on how they never dodge attacks when they’re on your team, but if you play as monster they turn into lightning ninjas.

AI monsters WILL sneak if the difficulty is set to “favors monster”, FYI. Otherwise, yeah, the AI is messed up. It ALWAYS attacks medic until it runs out of armor, then it prioritizes trapper. On a positive note, you can really learn how to kite a monster by practicing on solo against S3 AI Goliath. :smile:


AI Monsters are bad at sneaking regardless - they’ll go into sneak mode while you’re staring right at them as long as you’re not attacking. And Hunter bots use their abilities like idiots. Parnell pops Super-Soldier for no reason while running alongside you. Caira starts using Acceleration while you’re still in the air and then will pop it whenever it’s off cooldown after that. It’s dumb. My post was about adding commands to give to the Hunter bots - like Track/Chase/Defend, Passive/Aggressive. Maggie, shouldn’t you be following Daisy? Why is everyone glued to my hip? It’s always safe to use UAV, because the whole team is standing right next to you.


Well after all the Cairas and Lazarus’s, I think the bot monster has just had enough. It gets bad memories when it sees the medic and it sends it crazy.


Poor Goliath has PTSD from them. ;-;


I hope they can improve the AI from what it is now. What we have now is decent but there are things that bother me, like whats already been mentioned here and the fact that AI Abe will never tracking dart the wildlife like he is supposed to and only darts the monster, and how bad all the trapper AIs seem to be at pulling off a dome. I cant tell you how many times we have been in doming range and Maggie is just throwing down traps or griffin is just using his harpoon instead of throwing the dome first and the monster just gets away and we gotta chase it for another 5 minutes. I play solo more often than online so I deal with the bots quite abit. I know multiplayer is the main focus of the game but I still hope that the devs can find the time to make the AI the best it can be, though I know how complicated that can be.


We need god mode A.I., that way it takes players to have real skill in a fight, instead of farming their elite skins against brainless monsters/hunters.


Wish it was better too, but this is why there is hotswap, when hunting play trapper and then swap to assault when in dome to do the most damage, in combat hank and val bots do use their heal/shield quite often, a lot more then most human players I see, in pubs at least…


I would like to make a solo game and double the Goliath’s health value to make it harder.


Or double attack speed, make him pound people faster.


That would work.

Anything to make him a little harder to finish off. It’s like kicking a puppy right now, it makes me feel bad…

Or make him stop being derpy, that works too.


I officially take back what I said, atleast about the tappers. After playing with the new patch today a lot of what bothered me seems to be fixed now. Im not sure if I was just having a bad time last night or if things have really changed but they seem more reliable on getting the dome up now. Also I noticed after the patch that Abe is finally darting the wildlife. Thank you TRS!


I think if there are 2 or more bots they should work on their own and not be tied to the player’s hips, and always behind.

I feel another thing they really need is either better perk selection, or a bot only perk.
Currently they all run capacity increase, which only work on Hank and Parnell, and is utterly garbage on every other bot.

I feel making a bot only perk with general stat increases across the board would make things easier, and more reliable while giving late join people a slight boost to help them lessen the disadvantage of taking over a part filled game.

Example, 5% damage reduction, 5% damage increase, 7.5% speed boost, 10% reload speed, 15% capacity, 25% jetpack recharge, 125% jump height, 30% swap speed, 10 health regen.

A hybrid of all perks, on par or less than 1 star in all perks, this would make the bots flexible, and ease players into late joins by allowing them to use whatever style they would normally take a perk for to a lesser extent.

An equal for the monster bots would be similar.

Another interesting thing could be scaling these perks to 3 different levels, allowing bot handicaps to be increased or decreased as a form of difficulty scaling.

@MacMan , Just an idea I was wondering if it could get passed along.

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