Anyone else missing these two soundtracks during the dropship?


Talking about these two. Or rather, they were one track together since the first few seconds followed eachother up:

First came this: (1.03.00, the next 15 seconds)

Followed by this: (first 10 seconds)

Anyone else remember this? Boy was it a way to get the adrenaline going before the hunt…


I don’t think I’ve ever heard these before :confused:


They were waaay old. They used to play now and then back in the Big Alpha. Then I only heard them on a rare occasion in the pre-release beta.

I think I only heard it once a long time ago during the actual release…


I remember hearing it in ghostrobos videos and i still got pumped. I REALLY want this in the game


OMG I thought I went crazy when heard the first one here and there during the released version of the game but glad to know I wasn’t :stuck_out_tongue:


Omg yes! I remember this from the Alpha… I thought I was the only one who noticed it was gone… Every now and then I hear it play in background on drop ship but its rare… It really did make the drop feel really exciting when the door opened and that was playing… Please bring back!


Holy crap the 2nd video would totally be awesome to hear during a chase


Oh hey Jason Graves did the teaser for Dead Space 1 with the Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Hell of a trailer


I think we need more music during a match…

Or at least in Pubs. I can understand Ranked not being loud because of listening for sound.

Or maybe there is music but the screams, roars and explosions overpower the music by a couple hundred miles.


When there’s no dialogue playing, it’d be nice to have the dropship music back. Definitely.


I still hear the second part sometimes! :smiley:


I dont think ive ever heard those tracks.
I dont think i evan hear a large portion if evolves music in game. I do remember hearing some music about once in a defend match but i havent heard anything besides the menu music since.


I really like the music. I don’t understand why it can’t play all the time. Sometimes it plays, mostly it doesnt. Arena Mode has an occiasional starting theme too.
I think this might be one of the biggest reasons why Evolve does not feel as boss-fight-y as it could be: There is no boss fight soundtrack.


My best friend and I miss this so bad. We’re still humming it right before the drop most of the time.


Yeah I don’t think it completely went away, but I agree, it’d be nice to hear it more often!


I have been begging for this to return!


yup no more of these…


@SoundsLikeBrian perhaps you could explain what happened to the two soundtracks I mentioned in the first post?


Hi there! Sorry it took me so long to respond…lots of fun and exciting things to do.

I only came into the fold here this past June, but generally speaking, it’s common during development for the stylistic tone and overall aesthetic of a project to change in a variety of ways; as such the audio must…ahem…evolve…to support that experience. Also, more often than not, a game’s overall mix will change as development proceeds, which can have an affect on what, acoustically speaking, fits.

Specifically, we ended up changing the dropship music because it got in the way of the dialogue.

On another note, hello everyone! It’s nice to get a chance to talk to you guys!


I turned the music off completely. Makes it too hard to hear all the sounds while hunting.