Anyone else missing the good ol' days?


Do you remember a time where there were three new topics in a day?

Do you remember waiting hours or even days for a reply?

I do… and those were the good days… Now I come back from three hours, that’s right, just three hours and I find 88 new topics. Do I scroll through them? Sure… but what do I see? I know you all can answer the question, my friends. “This is OP”, “I can’t win.” “I can’t stop winning.” “BUG BUG MUST FIX PLZ” etc, etc.

Ah, how this beta has momentarily changed the community just as the alpha had some few months ago. I wish for my simpler time to come back to me. A time where I bothered to read or even click a post, a time where people looked for an answer in the forums before posting, and a time where our community knew the basics of the game, or at least knew enough to search them out in the posts.

Oh, my dear, sweet Evolve community… where art thou? Why hath thee forsaken me? And most importantly, will it be this bad (or worse) at launch?

Yours truly, Hydrawolf


I’m new around here, and interested to know who the core folk are (I’m getting a sense, but there are a lotta ya!). I could not agree more (though I think you meant, "I can’t stop whining!" :wink: ). This game is hard. As the creature, it’s a heart-palpitating fight for survival (there are times my eyes start to dry out because I haven’t blinked in more than a minute). As the hunters, it’s about co-ordination and being on your damn toes! (I’m talking to you, Medics and Support!) There are so many people here who seem to possess more knowledge of the game industry and software pricing models than the devs and publisher themselves! It’s amazing the wealth of knowledge these people seem to own, and the conviction with which they make their assertions and demands (and maintain, even when confronted with counter-point factual data) – it’s like a Neanderthal trying to make sense of a Zippo lighter and insisting that fire gods made it as he examines the flint wheel. Sarcasm aside, people seem to think that this Beta test is what the final game is going to look and feel like (I don’t mean gameplay, as that’s obviously kind of going to be similar, but modes and matchmaking and all the stuff the disclaimer warns about as the game is loading), immediately showing their ignorance of what a Beta test is. I suppose that’s the risk with an Open Beta in an entitlement culture.

  • Good news: things will cool down around here a week or so after the Beta closes
  • Bad news: it’ll start all over again on release day, and it will be a thousand times worse
  • Good news: that’ll last for a few months, then the core Evolve community will be established, and it’ll be only the occasional wandering troll what comes by to eat fish heads and spit bile

I almost feel like the cabal who are compelled to piss and moan :sob: every time IGN posts an article about this game all got together and showed up here today.

I think the one thing that will never change on the Internet is that ignorant voices now have their own personal megaphone, and that makes them mighty big in their britches.

Hail, Hydrawolf. :grinning:

p.s.: here is a meme I recently made that was inspired by some of what you’re talking about:

tl;dr = whiners suck


That meme is perfect.


Feel free to apply where necessary! :grinning:


Well, i think 2 things about that. First, we are not some exclusive club that should only have people who agree with each other, for the sake of agreeing. Once the community grows, we will have new people, who will cry/complain/rage and all. It’s moderators job to handle that. It’s also our responsibility to educate them, in a manner that will not drive us crazy. Eventually, everything will settle and all will be good in the world (LOL).
2nd thing is, i don’t like this forum layout. It blends every single topic/thread in 1 page, and you just scroll to see what’s going on. I know i can just read the “tags” of importance to me, but i can’t see when was that topic created, only when was the last time somebody replied to it… it’s just bad thing in my opinion.


the pain will soon be over.


It’s just extra fast from beta - expect it launch week too. The core community is strong, and full of good people. While things will move faster, this fact won’t change, and I am proud to be a small part of it. The good days are not over, and as long as we keep up the good attitudes, they won’t end.


This is definitely a valid point, but arguing about gameplay is different than arguing about price points, especially since TRS (whose forum this is) doesn’t establish that. I’m also tired of the DLC outrage. Even if the standard now is to carve out a piece of the game to sell it later, what is whining about it going to achieve? DLC has been a thing now since forever, only now that it’s console relevant too, marketing departments are involved and being in marketing is more like being a serial killer – marketing views you as a consumer, not a person. If one has a complaint about this practice, they need to direct their anger in the right direction.

Just as a general rule, especially how vitriolic some of these opinions become, topics like that are toxic, and when they’re all over the first page, then what people come to see is a community in disarray.

That’s not what I saw when I started poking around, and there aren’t enough forums with a good vibe.

I’m not meaning to say differing opinions are unwelcome, I’m saying there are different ways to express one’s self, and indulging one’s anger leads to the Dark Side. :grimacing:


like the “Light Side” is so much better… you should see my opinion in that thread
I’m all over the place, i have my opinions on many things like DLC, and other things. But instead going in to arguments, i rather try to talk, and show other perspective. Worst come to worst, i can always say nothing and let stupid stay stupid :] You can’t save them all… LOL


I think the best thing we can do is start a daily questions thread. and make it an easy top of the forums page access. we made those BETA question things but man NOBODY used it. sledge and others spent a long time to move it all to those threads. it will be 10x worse on launch day.