Anyone Else Missing Goliath


I know the devs at Turtle Rock can’t showcase too much of the gameplay, but ever since the new hunter and map have been revealed I’ve kind of wanted to see how Goliath would fare with the new aspects. Anyone else feeling similar?


Yup, Kraken looks cool and all but with E3 showing a TON of games, I’m kind of wanting to see the jungle map some more, the first set of hunters, and Goliath (especially Goliath!).


Yep, we haven’t actually seen a lot of Goliath. Could put out some coverage of him against the new hunters when they are revealed.


Agreed, I’ve got big hopes for Goliath. He looks like a walking monstrosity. :stuck_out_tongue: Hopefully we’ll see some more info about it soon.


Yeah I think @DamJess is trying to sort something out for us.


Funny thing actually! Just down at one of my local pubs in my town, WWE is being shown on the television and to my surprise, an Evolve trailer with the Goliath came on and it said “WWE sponsors Evolve on Sky Sports”!

Like the connection there! :smiley:


Honestly ya… I want to see more of Goliath.

I mean I’m sure he plays a bit like a more mobile tank in L4D, but…the stealth aspect fascinates me.

I mean…throwing a boulder at a guy and running has to be one of the funnest goofball things you can do.


I wouldn’t say a goofball move because @Plaff was throwing rocks at a few players when he played and got a good win!


Once that NDA on the alpha ends O_o. Oh the joys of being a moderator letting me see anything posted in the alpha thread







Yeah I’ve been kinda annoyed by how they have just given kraken only videos since it’s reveal i’ve always preferred the up in your face playstyle


Child u sir have a brain I like Goliath better in play style. I like the kraken too though