Anyone else lagging?


Has anyone else been experiencing crazy amounts of lag nowadays? I’ve been lagging quite a lot after the micropatch and at first, I figured it was me. So I checked my internet connection and it seemed to be fine but to be safe I restarted my router and my xbox. Hopped into a game and everything seemed to be fine when I was playing as the hunters, I had 5 bars of connection and I kept checking to see if it spiked down, yada yada. Needless to say, the game went smooth and I thought problem solved. Then in the same lobby we went into another game, I got monster. When I got into game I started freezing up in animations with Wraith and could barely feed, my connection was 1 bar the ENTIRE match. I had to keep running because everytime I engaged the hunters I couldn’t do anything and everyone kept teleporting. Eventually I won, but it turned into a 16 minute match when I could have easily won at 8 minutes… At this point I should probably mention that whenever I get hunters I don’t lag but EVERY TIME I get monster I lag. Why? Is it a coincidence? I played at least 8 monster games today and I can safely say every single one of them I lagged horribly the entire match but every time I got hunters I didn’t lag at all? Maybe I’m just unlucky but I kinda wanted to know if anyone else has experienced massive amounts of lag in general, because I’ve checked my internet numerous times and its always fine. I play other games online (Dying Light, CoD…) and the connection is fine and I never lag. But with Evolve it seems I’m always lagging and worse, as the monster (my primary role).

TL;DR Is anyone experiencing lag nowadays as monster? Or even in general? Because I can’t seem to figure where this lag is coming from. Is it the servers? Me?


I thought it was just me but YES. Had craaaaaaazy lag yesterday as a Monster. ;W;


I’ve always been laggy ;-;
Thanks Obama
And Time Warner Cable
But mostly Obama


Relieved that I’m not the only one. But now I’m puzzled, cause I just played a Kraken game and my connection was perfectly fine. What is going on… :disappointed:


Same for me. Keeps switching between laggy and fluid.


Same here since 2.1.1

Feels like I occasionally get dropped into US servers since everyone else got a proper connection in those games (playing from EU). Though until now those players weren’t very talkative to actually answer in which region they are playing. So I can’t be sure if it’s server-region related or not.


The only thing that makes my game lag is Cabot’s amp.


You mean his Dust Tagging, right?


His dust tagging? Narp. Damage amplifier? Yarp.


Really? Huh. Dust brings in a tonne of particles, lags most people’s games. But the Amp, that’s weird.


Strange, I’ve never lagged from any of the hunter’s abilities. Behemoth’s fissure on the other hand…


Well cabot’s Dust doesn’t affect the latency (lag) of the game rather than cause massive frame drops for some people (including me), which is a matter of hardware. Even worse though when the relay starts to explode at 75% and 50% hp since 2.1.1. They are two unrelated issues though.

FPS drops are a local hardware problem.
Latency in this case is not.


I have totally nothing to do with this.