Anyone else just want to see who those "strange" players are?


So during the beta i had a few strange matches where the goliath was trying to i don’t really know what it was? mining? he was like just attacking this massive rock over and over again not stopping even though we were shooting him.

Or this other time another goliath tried to slowly break the mobile arena with his bare fists?

Even with hunters you have the support who only uses his laser cutter or a trapper who just shoves his fist straight into daisy nose even if there are no tracks?

I would just love a feature that would let me see just who those people are. Is it they younger brothers who stole the game while the older brother went to the toilet?

Or is it literally just someone who doesn’t even know what game this is.

So i was just wondering if anyone else just would like to do the same thing as me. Just see who those “strange” people are?


I think they’re just fucking around half the time.


A medic attempting to damage an egg with the med gun while the monster evolves 10 meters away.


We are all “strange” for someone else.
Even your own actual behavior would appear strange to yourself, when you’ll have 500 hours gameplay time, as your strategy might have totally changed. :wink:


For some of those cases (hitting the dome?), it’s probably along the lines of this:

Basically, people doing it for a laugh.


You have your diamond pickaxe, but he just started the game… gotta use his bare hands. Bear with him man.


I think my most memorable instance was a Goliath who, as the dome dropped… made it juuuuuuussst to the edge of the dome before getting trapped. Like, nose-slammed-into-the-wall close.

Then, he just stood there for a good minute while we wailed on him.

Didn’t move an inch.

… on reflection, I’m preeeeetty sure that at that moment, his controller was on the other side of the room from him. ;p


Well he’s going to be disappointed, he needs at least a wooden pick axe or else his hard works going to go to waste


Not a strange player but being caught outside dome while goliath had few smash at me felt like sitting in front nice log fire on cold evening.


Had a Kraken player go afk in a place where it was impossible to orbital or hit with Markov’s lightning gun, so we just had to slowly chip at his health with machine pistol and assault rifle XD



Just what kind of trapjaw -beater you had in your group?? :smile:

I can’t get rid of that image in my mind.