Anyone else having trouble getting into a game?


The searching circle keeps spinning in the center of the screen even though all the player slots are full. I can see who has joined through player options. But it’s not actually launching a game.
I go back, wait a minute, then search again and end up in the same situation, sometimes with a different set of players.

It’s been like this for 40 minutes for me.


It started in the afternoon. I played awesome game. Very close one. I was stage 3 with half hp and the team had 1 or 2 strikes. Then the server crashed. Ever since I get PLAYER FOUND in all slots but the game keeps searching. I think it’s something with servers. Probably they got overloaded xD. Nobody expected so many ppl to come back at once. I hope they will fix it soon. I am getting addicted again :D.


Hey guys! We are definitely experiencing a mixture of bugs and more players than we expected (the second one is a good thing!).

We’re definitely trying find the cause of these bugs and get a fix out soon. <3


Awesome, thanks for the response, just wanted to make sure it wasn’t anything on my end.


Thanks, good to know!


No problem!


Most of the time I get “lobby is full” when queuing with friends, or “searching” gets stuck when I queue solo, I see spectator icon on the right. Connection? Maybe.


I wish I could blame your connection, but I think this actually us.


What I meant by connection was that there is something I notice (most of the time) when one of these issues happens:

  1. You queue with team and one or more team members are kicked out from lobby because “Lobby is full”
  2. You queue solo and it keeps searching even when lobby has 5 players (like what happens to person who started this topic) and all you can do is go back and queue again
    And that something is the spectator icon to the right. Sometimes it appears there for a split second, sometimes it’s there for longer.

Makes me wonder if it’s trying to get 6+ players into a same lobby.