Anyone else having an increase in game crash on PS4


Seems yesterday and today have been horrible for in game crashing. Twice completely locked up my system. I’ve heard of it being an issue but this was the first time I experienced it. Love the game hope this isn’t going to be a norm.


Lots of things happening to me and my team. We get kicked out of matches regularly, it completely glitches out and we lag on the spot till it kicks us on the odd occasion. We get visual glitches not showing the correct ranks or a missing player slot. Kicked out of the lobby every now and then. It’s becoming problematic as we constantly restart the app and waste time doing so. It’s a great game and we play almost every night but the bugs seriously get in the way. Some multiplayer games have an acceptable amount but it’s getting to the stage that it’s getting really annoying.


Xbone crash alot


Now that you mentioned it, there have been a few times it’s taken us 15-20 min to get everyone successfully into the lobby with without someone being kicked.