Anyone else hate a skilled griffin the most as monster?


I have played vs a few that I swear use the reload perk to just harpoon you over and over and over again.

Couple that with a Sunny’s JPB and the fun left the game before the 3rd dome.

Usually griffin is not a huge issue. But when you got someone who is really good with him, it is a different game altogether.


Yup. Smack him with a good Val and a Sunny who knows how to press one button and you will never escape.


Griffin is the one trapper that gives me pause, his Poon gun…monster nightmare ;-;


Ya, you toss in a Val with some skilled tranqs and ya, just not fun to be had at all…


As a Griffin main, I do indeed use Reload Speed to reduce the time between harpoons.

I actually made a Monster rage quit once. Kept nabbing him as he tried climb/leap to get at the Medic. It was hilarious. Well, for me anyways.


Sorry, this is a thread for monsters who hate griffin and to vent. We don’t need you to twist that harpoon that is already in our ass :smile:

It’s already tender enough!


It’s a nightmare as goliath when every leap is countered with a poon to the ass.


Hide in a cave corner, and lvl 2 tongue grab him and put up a rock wall so ya’ll can…“talk” things out. :wink:


The Autoaim on the Harpoon weapon is the real problem here.

I see a lot of high level players jamming left trigger, hitting the monster with every single harpoon, even when the monster is far and not really visible.

pair that with sonny and you will not get away after you hit your first birds.


Yeah i went against a really good griff but now i fear he used this and so my respect for him is on the verge of dropping if i knew he did.


Val, Sunny, Griffin…maybe Torvald or Hyde.
I will have to try them out myself.


Griffins are annoying, oh hell yeah, but I swear his harpoon is the only time the monster will not turn around and 180-melee something. I swear I lose more armor & hp over anything else by spamming melee and hoping this time it will break the harpoon.


Maggie is worst.


I think I loose games to Maggie more, but I loose my cool to Griffin the most.

So annoying. As soon as you figure out you’ve got one the only answer is to focus them down at all costs. It doesn’t matter if your armor is gone, it doesn’t matter if you’ll die. You must kill. There’s no escape while he still stands!


A Really Good Griffin… is frustrating. Poons up the ass all game… even more, he completely ruins sneaking near by when he decides to take a guess and put a sound spike, and you’re on the other side of a wall, or in a push 15 feet away from him. Darn that update that let the sensors capture sneaking monsters. The most annoying thing is when he shoves a poon up the monster ass while climbing. . I never under stood how that works. It would be kind of cool if Griffin had to walk away from the pooned monster to provide resistance to keep the monster from climbing and moving. Like tug-of-war. If I were a monster, I would not fall off a cliff mid climb if I want someone dead.


Lol thats def. Me bro all i pick is reload to spam the harpoo. I dont ever pull my gun out or ill go with jet pack recharge to fly on your flank like a merry-go-round so the harpoon isnt as easily broken


Haven’t faced a Griffin that often but when I do, I certainly don’t enjoy the poons in my ass all game, its the worst getting trapped because that one poon, we’ve all felt the pain :frowning:


i take the jump boost, so that i can always get up high enough to see the monster and poon him or be able to jump over a monster charging me and stop him dead when i get to his other side.


Tried the sunny-griffin-val combo once. Monster just gave up.


"I see a lot of high level players jamming left trigger, hitting the monster with every single harpoon, even when the monster is far and not really visible. "

You shouldnt be seeing this, because the harpoon only has a range of 40 meters. +10% range with 3rd star mastery for 44meters, if the mastery perks are allowed.