Anyone else had a Draw?


I just had a game that ended up in a Draw, that was just so amazing.

We had a Stage 3 Kraken but we had his health down pretty far when he was Stage 2. At end all but 1 hunter died and he used his artillery strike just before he went down on the ground, health of Kraken was almost completely gone and we were sure we won when the message “Draw” appeared. The monster and hunter died at same time, epic really epic to see that happen :smiley:


I haven’t at least personally. Didn’t know you could.


I have yet to see a draw! Neat that its in the game though!


I’ve also had a draw, I was pretty surprised when it happened.


Neither did I, until it happened. Glad they put that in, even though the chances are low :smile:


Something else happened to me:
I was the last man standing, and I died at the same time as the dropship arrived. I spawned back in the dropship with the rest of my team without us loosing.


That’s cool !..
I thought devs said this couldn’t happen anymore, but apparently sometimes yes…^^

It’ s just like “The final combat” !
All the team suddenly reappearing at the dropship to try take down a stage 3 monster…


That’s AMAZING! What an awesome round! Wish I was in it.

I’d love to see telemetry on draws. @MacMan, if you can when the Beta/tech test ends could you make a note of draws over in the Telemetry thread? That’d be groovy if you can!