Anyone else getting these PS4 issues?


I’m a bit confused at the moment with my PS4 version of the game. I have a mate who plays PC, and was telling me about all the game modes and stuff that he can play on skirmish. But on the PS4, when you go on skirmish, there is no option to swap from playing hunt. Yet sometimes after I finish a game of hunt (still playing skirmish) it randomly swaps to nest, or rescue or something. Wtf is up with that?

Why can’t I chose what game mode I want to play on skirmish? Why is it just hunt on the ps4? And if it is like that on purpose, why should I have to pay the same amount (if not more for console) as a pc player who gets more game mode options when he plays? Slightly ridiculous, don’t you think?

Also I bought skins, but the PS4 still glitches out and greys out the customise button when I want to put them on my character. Please sort these issues out.

Oh and the wraith is OP as fuck. Slow that guy down, he’s impossible to track and catch. Its a joke.


I’m on PC right now and I also only get to play hunt for skirmish.
There was talk of a bug where other Gamemodes were playing in skirmish, and I suspect this was what happened to your friend