Anyone else get that wierd monster bug when joining after match has started?


You take over a monster right at the beginning of the match and you’re like having some weird out of body experience and floating around as a ghost…no abilities can be used and the monster is off somewhere being played by the AI.


Some bug people are having. I believe it’s being looked into.


Yes i do. Happend to me only once during a merely two week of gameplay


Yea have had that bug before too, it is super weird. I found that I can actually smell, and scare birds in the bug leading to some hilarious moments when the hunters are like “How the heck are there birds over there?” Lol. That was a fun day.


Hahaha I’ll have to try that you could really mess with the Hunters. Funny stuff. I get it about once a week maybe more, kind of annoying really.


I’ve had that a few times, it messes with the wildlife as well cos I walked (floated) up to a tyrant and almost looked like it was spooked by a ghost!

Last time it happened i’m sure I pressed E (take over bot) and it got me playing as the monster.


Yes, watched as lvl 40’s died to a stage 1 goliath. Glad I wasn’t on the hunter team because I would of been a new level of salt.