Anyone else get bummed out when they win a match as Monster and


all the Hunters are yelling at each other and complaining? It goes from thinking “Hey we’re all having fun” to “Well these guys are miserable and now I don’t really care about my win.”

I feel like if a game makes you that miserable, you probably shouldn’t be playing it. Especially if you have to yell at other players and blame them. What good is that doing you? You paid to yell at strangers? I just don’t get it.

It doesn’t happen often, surprisingly. Even at max level, most people are very pleasant and love discussing strategies and how the match went, when this happens it’s a real downer. I don’t derive any fun from the opposing team being miserable.

(If the opposing team is a monster and he’s yelling at his “teammates” call for help)


If they have a Hank and Ciara combo then they have a right to be angry. How anyone loses as that combo is beyond me. Throw in a Markov spamming mines and it should be ez pz.


Never can tell about that experience because I always have party and only party with people who are my friends and know what they are doing. If we lose, we lose together and fail as team.

So I guess you can get bum out, but I never experience that before.


I’m with you. I could go ten matches in a row and lose every time and still have fun. Doesn’t matter if I’m hunter or monster. But, when that one guy has to place blame on a certain person for “not doing their job” (this happens especially often to Laz players) it just makes me close out of the game. The funny thing is that normally the cause of the loss is because the person yelling at their “teammates” was actually the one playing poorly.


Yeah that always sucks. But when they all say “Good game” or “Well played” or “that was INTENSE” it feels great. :smile:


i don’t feel sorry for them especially if they use the caira, hank, markov, daisy combo!! if i beat them using that combo as goliath hell i even sent them a message to try harder :stuck_out_tongue:


There are people that enjoy losing? Thank the lord I am not one of them.


yea, it always peace and quiet during monster play and as soon as game ends “HEY MONSTER WHAT PERK DID U TAKE YOLO 420 I WAS THE SUPPORT U DOWNED”


People get frustrated when they feel like their teammates aren’t carrying their own wait. Played a couple games where a friend would complain that hank wasn’t shielding enough even though he kept breaking line of site with hank.


I don’t play in a party very often so yeah I get annoyed at people just not playing the game properly.

I can’t count how many times we should have won but someone decided they’d attempt to solo the monster when everyone else died instead of escaping, or focusing on the main monster when playing Nest.

Earlier in a match of Nest we had 30 seconds to kill the final minion, I was Bucket, killed 3 or 4 eggs myself and secured our victory.
But then right at the end only I went after the damn minion so it survived with about 5% of it’s health, aided by the Trapper deciding to dome it which missed and obviously it survived.

It’s so annoying when people get carried away and just completely fail at the game.

BUT I’m not usually mad we lose just mad at the one idiot who made us lose. I don’t mind losing, I love a tough match I only really play Evac for that final Defend it’s great when the matches up until then are even, or one side dominates but the other wins in the end.
Don’t care who wins the final match it’s always glorious.


I normally create a Party Of One just so I don’t have to listen to that bullshit. :laughing:


Obviously, everyone enjoys winning more than losing, but you should enjoy playing a video game. Its entire purpose is to bring you happiness. You should be able to play as hard as you can, lose, and still have had a great time.

If you can’t, then I truly feel sorry for you. Because that sucks.


Let’s say you have a really close match. It’s down to the last few hitpoints on either team. Is that match fun or not?

Since you don’t enjoy losing, is that whole match boring if you end up losing?
Do you enjoy winning? If so, would that match be fun if you end up winning?

If you answered yes to both: What the hell, how come the same experience can be fun or unfun depending on the outcome?
If you do enjoy it even if you lose, why do you say you don’t enjoy it?
If you don’t enjoy it either way, why do you even play this game?

The point I’m making is: Fun (to me, at least) isn’t dependant on winning or losing. Sure winning a match is more fun but that doesn’t mean a lost match was unenjoyable.
In fact, I’d have more fun losing a close match than just walking over the enemy and winning without any effort at all.


as soon as a match ends and i hear them fighting all ready, i just add fuel to the fire by saying usually “woooooooooooooooooooooooooo you guys sure did lose, lol did u see how the medic died lol no healing for him am i right guys” :imp: yeah, you could say im a … MONSTER!!! :sunglasses:


Or you could go to the middle of the scale and be satisfied with that.

Close match win or lose.

Not lose because one person forgot how to heal, shoot or use all their equipment. It’s annoying losing because some braindead fool shouldn’t be playing with or against real people.
Especially when that person is Medic or Assault.


I actually don’t base the amount of fun I have on winning or losing at all.

For me, close matches are more fun than pubstomps regardless of winning or losing.


The mute button is your friend.


Some people just find victories as their reason for fun. You shouldn’t care if they talk smack, you may probably not stumble across them again.

I’ve gotten that myself and I find it funny for various reasons:
1: It’s just a game, and games are meant to be just for fun. Anything else is laughable.

2: I would understand if they’re kids, but adults? Hmm… I’m not going to say much on this.

3: They feel safe talking smack behind a screen. Takes such bravery to accomplish that.


This is why it’s good there’s no kick feature, it will be abused more than helpful. As soon as someone doesn’t shield/heal/use ability at a specific time then it’s a rage vote to kick that player.


Adults don’t do this. Even if the people doing this are of adult age, they are clearly kids if all they do is shout at each other placing the blame on others.