Anyone else find themselves letting Hunters win?


I was telling some stories about the last Beta weekend with some friends and realized that I’d deliberately let the Hunters win quite a few matches. Not because I couldn’t win, but because it seemed “more fun” to let them win.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it probably sounds REALLY strange. At first, whenever I found myself in a bad match up against a Hunter team that I could VERY easily kill as the Monster, I’d just squash them at Stage 1 or 2 and move on to the next game. But after a handful of those, I started getting bored. It wasn’t a lot of fun to just stomp them, and they certainly weren’t having any fun getting their balls crushed.

So, I’d start making mistakes to give them a chance and make the match more exciting. Like deliberately missing a rock throw, or intentionally letting a harpoon delay me, or just making bad tactical decisions to retreat or pressure. In every single one of these matches, it came down to the 20 minute match timer at the Power Relay with a half-dead Stage 3 Monster and half-dead Hunter team making a final stand.

No matter who won or lost, at this point, everyone had a blast. I got to be the “Director”, pushing the Hunters to the brink of their abilities. The Hunters had an epic struggle against a gargantuan beast that they either just barely survived or died by the skin of their teeth. I believe I played five or six rounds against the same 4 guys one night goofing around like that.

Anyone else found themselves doing that from time to time?


Well not exactly that but i guess sort of.Like play only with Rock Throw.Or fight at Stage 1 till the end.


I’m too competitive to ever let anyone win.


I don’t think that I’ll be taking this tactic upon release, but I really, really respect the fact that you took some time to improve their experience. You learn by those extended matches, not by getting stomped out in the first five minutes (under three as Goliath for me in one case – I have excuses, but I won’t bore you). For me, I would think of this more like “playing with my food,” but I mean to adopt some of this thinking with weaker teams. Not that I’ll throw the game, but no one loses by teasing it out a bit. :grinning:


I totally understand. This type of play is very helpful for the community at large…it gets more novice players into the game and able to understand it more, giving them some confidence and fun, thus growing the love of it overall…especially since it was a beta where people got trial-by-fired into the game and unable to practice versus bots to hone early skills. I’m sure if you kept playing them they’d eventually get up to your skill level in a short amount of time faster than had they got stomped repeatedly. You put spreading the love of the game before your own desire to win. And sometimes when you lose…you win.

Class act.


Yeah, I did this a few times too. Miss my leap smash so that they could heal up first.
It gave me and them practice instead of waiting for the next match to start.


I did a couple of games where I made myself stay at Stage 1 no matter what. Those were a blast and really forced me to get used to my monster’s strengths and weaknesses instead of relying on becoming more powerful. There was a team I could not get a strike on after 3 stage 1 skirmishes, and that forced me to learn how to use the map to my advantage. I lured them near an Armadon in a tight space and was able to finish the game then and there.

It is lots of fun, for both sides.


Yeah I put on a show now and again for my friends. I’ve also gotten cocky and punished for it a few times against randoms. I think eventually hunters will get so good we won’t be able to make any slips or we’re screwed!


My friends and I do this sometimes, but it wasn’t against Hunters. Often when four of us were fighting a random player as monster, and that player seemed relatively new or inexperienced (like at one point we got matched to a level 1 player in beta, while we were level 20+) we would back off a little. We’d let him escape and get a head start after a rough doming, have him feed a little, not go as all-out with our abilities, just let him experience a longer fight.

This is something we started back in Big Alpha. We didn’t want to crush a new player and ruin the game for them because we knew what that felt like. Usually when we did this, too, that particular player would stick around for a good five matches or so, and each one they got better and better, so we’d gradually step it up. It was a good feeling, and overall we hoped it kept them interested in Evolve while having fun.


I sometimes refused to kill one of the hunters. Just so I can kill them all over again <_>.

No I didn’t do this to be an asshat. I wanted to try to rank up my skills faster.


I tend to annihilate the hunter team then play with the last one until seconds before the dropship arrives.

Kinda like this.


No. I had a very different mindset as a hunter or as a monster.

When I was a hunter, I loved close drawn out matches. Really made me use all my skills. However, when I was a monster, I love getting total dominations. Granted, I never tried for a stage 1 victory. I loved the cat and mouse game when I was lvl 1, but once I hit stage 2, I had a different mindset.


This is not only a way to teach new players how to play but also a way to practice, early stage matches, only using ceartain skills (or no skill), no perks or making your monster only eat certain kinds of food, can really make you a better player.


Look at you monster players… actually trying to let the hunters, handicapping yourselfs, toying with them… and you dont question the obvious balance issues and how EVERYTHING in the game is designed to help the monster?


yes, i was playing a group for like 10 games straight. after the initial annihilation’s i started playing recklessly. i startled as many birds as i could i took wide paths and made myself obvious as hell.

if their dome missed me (which it did several times) i entered the dome and fought em. i made several stage one engagements as well.

Sometimes id stomp them (all but one) lets them drop in evolve on top of them and stomp them again.

I figured win or lose a good fight would be better to keep newcomers interestedin the game. i didnt want to play like all the noob monsters running until stage three (its bad anyways) and give new players a bad taste in thier mouths. I didnt lose but i sure as hell made it more entertaining.



You never had your premade run into matches that just can’t be lost? You’ve never had your team stomp a monster within 3 minutes and see the guy, obviously bewildered as to what he can even do in this game, just look sort of confused as he dies? Tons of stomps occurred on both sides.


I’ve done that a few times as trapper monster escapes as stage 1 with 2 bars of health redome it before it can get armour and then it just looks at us and stops running. It usually made me feel bad… like I was bullying them or something.


I’ve done this. Many teams I go up against, I can beat as a stage 1 monster, but most of the time I will purposely go to the hunters and have a battle between every stage just to make it more fun for them and myself.


My mindset is set on “Competitive mode” when playing Evolve.
The best “gift” I’ll do to a weak hunter team is slaughtering 3 of them, ignore the last man standing (usually an invisible one, who left running) and stage up before the dropship arrives.

I’m a Monster, not a fairy ;).


You mean those matches were all a monster would do is run away all the time? Yea sure it was a ‘stomp’ because they were horrible at fighting, but we first had to play one boring chase for 10/15 minutes.

and no, our trapper didnt suck. But when the monster runs away ALL the time, be it in a dome or just around the map, it would simply take ages before he would fall.

as long as the monster runs away, there are no easy stomps for the hunters. Just boring chases.