Anyone else find it crazy that Left 4 Dead is still active?


The game was released 10 years, and whilst some games are lucky to be alive within a 6 month period, this one however is still being played and enjoyed by many, so what is it about this game that is keeping it afloat?


It’s just fun. Has a lot of replayability as well.


Nope Its a great game! will be active till the Internets demise… :slight_smile:


I know the PC version on Steam is still active, but what about the X-Box version?


I still have Left 4 Dead 2 on my computer, and I play it once in a while.

I heavily mod it using sourcemod and metamod, using like 10 or so plugins.

I increase the zombie count by around 7-8 times, made the special infected much harder (up to 8 spawn at any single time!). Up to 12 tanks spawn together during tank encounters, and 25 witches. I use the last boss mod which gives the final tank up to 4 forms, which changes throughout the battle, and 66000 HP.

You may ask how the survivors survive - well, I increased the survivor team limit from 4 to 6, and gave them some buffs, like regeneration, 50% more HP, perk mod, and more ammo, more incaps etc. I also unlocked the CS weapons like the AWP and Scout for the game.



Yes, 25 witches, lol.

In order to win, the team needs someone who is skilled with a shotgun to ‘crown’ or headshot the witch in 1 hit.

Or, on my server, because I set AWP damage to 700, a single precise headshot to a witch will kill it, so someone has to take the AWP (or Scout, which works just as well), even if it sucks on normal zombies due to its low rate of fire. Molotovs work too.


I’ve never played it ‘properly’ with friends, on higher difficulty (tbh, we fuck around so much we have issues clearing levels on the lower difficulties already lol), but I’ve always liked the snipers.

Which, btw, lemme get a sneaky quick question it: while our games are always huge clusterfucks, we do have the common sense for some cohesion: there’s always at least one dude with a shotty, one dude with a sniper, and one dude with a AR. Is that a good tactic or…?


Depends on player preferences. I’m partial to Shotguns in that game.

As far as the game still being active, you can ask the same question for Evolve, or Diablo II or the game you played 20 years ago.


I remember being booted for using a shotgun


Maybe a auto shotgun if you got kicked for pump that’s lame. But anyway after 10 years L4D is still one of my favorite games.


Long live the queen. you know, I always wanted to see this engine put into and used for and Aliens game.


Everyone was using snipers


:joy: that’s probably just as bad as running 4 auto shotty’s.


Auto shotties are my favorite though. Nothing like killing a whole horde in 3 shots.


I remember very well playing against teams on Xbox that all4 took auto’s very hard to make use of a boomer. Did I mention they love to teabag :smirk:


How do you even T,bag a blown up boomer? Do you just have to guess where to crouch? lol


IIRC, boomers leave a topless corpse behind. So just shove, shoot, and teabag that I guess? lol


I wasn’t aware that manners have come forth so much in the last couple of decades since Halo that you had to actually teabag a specific area anymore.


I didn’t mean teabag the boomers dead corpse specifically I meant teabag in general :sweat_smile: