Anyone else find default hunter ability key annoying? Key 4 o PC


Often times I used to press the third key accidentally and waste my abilities in the process.

So one day I decided to use mouse 5, never have I looked back.

Also great layout for monsters mouse 5 for vortex and mouse 4 for banshees.

Great for Goliath movement, awesome for Kraken chains and super agile abduction combo and instant tongue and rock walls. Muahahshhahshshs

Is it considered cheating?


It isn’t cheating if they aren’t alive to complain about it…


Rebinding keys can’t be called cheating, but macros might be considered a greyzone.

My standard binds are M5 for primary, M4 for secondary, MWdown for melee and F for flashlight/extra utility.
With a mouse wheel you have to scroll and can’t pull out what you want on demand, F.eks knife in CS if someone got their back to you.
With 1,2,3,4 you have to let go of WASD, which hurt your mobility.


Those are what I use, bound to my mouse.


How far are those keys that you canpress f5 the same as f11?


They’re bound as keys to his mouse buttons I think he means?


Yeah that makes sense, be weird if those keys were sure they’d normally be.


Are macros the set of commands or the rapid fire buttons?


Usually a set of commands, but they can be used to achieve rapid fire as well.
They are not hacks, but they are often frowned upon (and sometimes banned) in competitive play.


I have rapid firem built in with my mouse, very fun when using semi auto weaponry. Pistols and g2a4 all the way baby!!

Also good for Kraken and Cabot.


That is correct.