Anyone else feels like parnell was cheated an ability?


Faster fire rate feels like a cop out unless it was ridiculously fast. I’m talking laser fast which its not. I can’t be the only one.


He’s fine, it’s just that he requires more skill than other assaults, say Hyde for example.

A Behemoth or Goliath’s worst nightmare is a Cabot with a great Parnell who knows when to Super Soldier.


Yeah he’s a total beast if you can aim probably my favorite assault


;_______; I will vouch that this is true.


I guess he’s just strictly firepower


Parnell is one of the best Assaults if u know how to play him he is really hard to play but pretty balanced

If i play Monster he is my most hated assault because of his crazy damage whit super soldier

and he is the only assault who can make headsshots whit his main weapon


Huh, Torvald can’t? Didn’t know that .-.


Yea, mortars don’t do headshot damage. :wink:


But autoshotgun is-


i hv think Torvalds Main weapon is his Mortars ok my bad :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I think his primary are his mortars. He can get headshot damage with his shotgun though.



Autoshotty is secondary, it just takes the first slot :stuck_out_tongue:


the firerate increase parnell gets is +80%.

his overall damage from super soldier is 175%-180%

then add the normal cabot-parnell combo for 275% damage…


I feel so dumb.


Is k, I made that mistake a while ago until I was corrected.


Hey look, a whale!


Hey look! An off topic post! D:<


Sorry, let’s get back on subject ;-;


I dunno

10 character


All I know is he’s a hero