Anyone else feel sorry for bob?


when behemoth is found at stage 1 by a griffin+sunny both with reload speed, my gawd he cant do anything its very sad, i :cry: every time

he just can’t escape that harpoon + jet fulled griffin … its over he couldnt run at all


I played a match against him as Val with a Griff and Sunny. A very good Monster and we had a craptastic Assault, so it took ages just to down the armor.


Never lost sight of him. Tranqs + Poons + JPB + bad terrain = win.


i should have said the map was the dam, he just couldnt escape griffin’s harpoons


That poor Behemoth =O


Dam is absolutely brutal for this.


I actually got stuck in the river for a fight as behemoth, damn rock wall refuses to work right in that river


but imagine the chaos, a griffin with reload speed!! and sunny as well!! griffin on point with harpoons (plus who could miss that giant target) and then sunny quickly charging her jet boost, and behemoth loses his stamina quicker un rolling and then re rolling :cry: he had 0.0000000% chance


Sometimes it is better to play it safe and get that rockwall lv 3 right out of the gate if you have trouble with escapes as behemoth.


i still get that bug where rockwall doesnt appear under a hunter >.> it ruins the trapping ness


thats the thing, our griffin with sunny was going over every wall 0_0 thats how sad it was :cry:


Did he never try and get a cutoff point walled? Their are plenty of em in the dam map.


well since they patched that extra stamina loss when he rolls, the behemoth just didnt have enough stamina each time, and the griffin was spot on, didnt miss and behemoth had to unroll and re roll and his stamina was always low


So i guess he could not even climb walls it was so bad? Damn that sucks pretty badly.


yup thats why i :cry: every time, it was soo soo sad, no one in our team got mad when he left at 1 hp bar, he earned his leaving


The only defense against a really good griffon is to go straight at him, but you have to get to lv 2 first by being a sneaky prick. It almost feels like game over if he domes you lv one and is on you when you try and roll out once the dome is down.


agreed but my first post is about his stage 1 sniff :cry:


When Roses was describing the game above I was thinking “I bet it was on Dam.” Behemoth really has to be super aggressive and go for downs right away if he gets domed. He can’t expect to run away like the other Monsters without forcing them to regroup. He does have an advantage before he gets found though, depending on map & terrain, when he smells them coming he can cover half the map in the opposite direction sometimes. Early sneaking is Behemoth’s friend more than most Monsters.


O_o How did you know?! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Nah, but Dam is perfect for such strats.


we also had slim… he couldnt smell us >.>


Yea this is happening because you are massively punished for entering and exiting the ball. If you get harpooned, you either roll in place and waste stamina or you exit, smack the harpoon, go back into the ball and lose 1/3 of your stamina.