Anyone else feel punished by the loss addition in its current state?


Like, don’t get me wrong, I’m all for punishing quitters but the genuine quitters will still leave and now I often join games where I join in, with a shitty match up, everyone has strikes, couldn’t select perks, two seconds away from losing, almost exclusively NPCs etc. I think punishing quitting is great in theory, but not with the current matchmaking and lack of ranking system. It’s just “Lol, play this shitty round with that shitty character you didn’t want or lose right away and wait a minute.” It’s frustrating.


I heard those are not supposed to count as a loss. but if u win they do count. maybe its not working as intended.


It should still count as a death for that character but not a loss.


I just hate it when a game bugs out then i get penalized for leaving :confused:
Like cmon
Not my fault
Y u do dis to meh
(Although its easier to just not care about leaderboards, theyre janky anyway)


So the loss penalty is in effect? So many people left my game when I was playing Monster.

I laugh at their tears.


yep. just go to top 15 monsters and look how the WLR is now. and laugh…

laugh histerically.


Sadly I can only laugh so much for certain periods of time. But when it happens I definitely make the best of the joy.

Bodily protection mechanism so I don’t suffocate I guess.


I don’t think it’s the loss on leave that’s a problem, but the matchmaking itself.

Monster 5th preference, put into a match as Goliath. Play it out as suggested, get back to lobby and roles are assigned. What’s my role? Monster.

So I still leave now, screw the leaderboards. I do not play video games for a living and I only have so much free time in a day. It’s not going to be spent playing bad matchups repeatedly.


I too tend to leave games when I occasionally play Hunter and the whole team is playing like utter crap. Don’t care about the leaderboard enough to deal with the bs 90% of the Hunters are doing. It’s like being trolled constantly by people who have more than 70 hours into the game and didn’t learn a thing the whole way.

It’s hard to imagine people actually having fun playing Hunters in pugs.


Games joined in progress should not count toward wins or losses in my opinion. I’m not sure why it isn’t handled this way.


This is probably the best way to do it.

A player should not be rewarded for joining a winning game, or punished for joining a losing one.


That actually sounds really good.