Anyone else feel like this?


i love the design of behemoth but in game he is not fun… i just took a break from evolve 2 weeks or so and took a game as behemoth since i thought it was secured to go against bucket and i was right but even against one of the worst supports i struggled to win i instantly found a moment speed buff so i could get away further and all but in the end i could barely fight them stage 1 or get away i then got stage 2 and got some strikes in stage 3 i won but not without going down to 3 health bars if i was any monster i could have gotten away stage 1 and just instantly get stage 2 but behemoth? nope i just gotta take all the dmg and almost loose because i get stuck in everything i touch…

TLDR: behemoth feels like poo and not satisfying to win as
so my question is anyone else just getting stressed when playing behemoth compared to the other monsters?


I used to feel the same way, then i learned.
A. Rock wall is trash, never worth putting a single point in.
B. You are a force not meant to be trifled with, take 15% damage boost perk, stage 1 build of 1 fissure, 1 lava, 1 tounge, you hit like a dump truck out of orbit, its scurry
C. Don’t run.
Make them run
Bob is absolutely terrifying, bully them to an area where you have a straight shot, scare em off of you (fissure, lava bomb), then bolt.
He can haul ass on a runway.
After going 7 straight wins at Stage 1, I feel OP as shit


let me guess most people had buckets?..


also i first took rock wall in stage 3 i allready gave them a ton of strikes stage 2 but it didnt help since they just juked me and the tounge grab dosnt work 50% the time…


It sound like you were playing against a group of good hunters that weren’t going to let you have an easy win. Behemoth is the tank. His role IS to take a ton of damage, but be able to fight through it.


Its harder to win and you feel worse about winning? Huh? So the easier it is to win for you the more fun you have?


i was able to fight through but with no smell + torvald consant mortars it isnt really fun i can gurantee i would have been screwed if i was against sunny or hank


No buckets actually, made me sad panda :c
It was usually Hank or Sunny, sometimes a cabbage.
I haven’t had a problem with Tounge tho, that could be a really big factor in it as that skill is key to his victory, prolly wouldve lost if I hadn’t snagged all the hunters I did, once I grabbed em it was almost an insta down, his damage is just so bursty even Caira couldn’t keep up, and I was stage 1 (except for when hank was there, cuz ya know, hank is god mode)


I hope not… That makes for some terrible players to fight against, much like CoD quick scopers. Give them a 1 shot weapon, and they have tons of fun on it.


Sunny alone will rek Behemoth lol :grimacing:


Behemoth has a completely different style of play to the other monsters, and people need to learn that.

Other monsters need to avoid taking any health damage (or any damage at all if you’re the wraith). They can be aggressive to a point, when they need to back out and go on the defensive.
The Behemoth is fine losing a few bars of health each fight. He can hold enough armour to still be tanky with literally a single bar of health (unless you’re vs a Crow who can ignore armour…). You can keep going aggressive to force down penalties and be fine trading health for it.

Also rock wall isn’t useless. It’s kinda shitty in battle (too buggy. Pls stop giving it huge holes…), but when arena goes down, you can give it a huge obstacle and give you tons of time to run away, especially if you’re in (or near) a tunnel. In battle, it CAN be used to seperate hunters (albeit for only a short time), and, most importantly, send out a fissure where they can’t see it, and so have a harder time dodging it (cos it goes through the wall), but I agree it’s the worst ability in his arsenal in battle.


no but the difficulty shouldnt come from bugs or just being annoyed with the monster because its quite clunky


im just over here almost never losing with behemoth. dont listen to that other guy. rock walls is amazing against the beam team ^.^ put up a wall between your victim and them and he is DEAD and since you have that wall up you only need to focus on one source of damage instead of 4


I’ve been wrecking some faces as Behemoth lately. I start off with 1 point in lava bomb, tongue grab and rock wall and at the start of the match I sneak to a cave. I can usually get to Stage 2 really quickly and then once they find me in the cave, AKA death trap, it’s gg lol.

I like to go with these starting abilities because if they do find me at Stage 1, I’m just going to back myself into a tight area where these abilities work oh so nicely!

The biggest mistake you can make as Behemoth is taking the match to a Power Relay standoff. Don’t do it! Just kill those pesky 2 meats at Stage 2 where the fighting grounds are on your terms :smiley:

  1. Lava bomb 3 points
  2. Damage perk
  3. ???
  4. Profit

Behemoth is ridiculous.


my strats for bob:

situation 1:
you are sitting down to play bob for the first time today and have naively forgotten the rage that is salt wall and are feeling lucky. this build is high risk, high reward, but shouldn’t be, because of aforementioned salt wall.

stage 1:
rock wall: 1
fissure: 1
lava bomb: 1

stage 2:
rock wall: 2
fissure: 2
lava bomb: 1
tongue grab: 1

stage 3:
rock wall: 2
fissure: 3
lava bomb: 2
tongue grab: 2

this strategy is as likely to result in victory as rage (and sometimes both). use with caution. the combo I use is a little something I like to call KING OF THE CASTLE which is basically put down lava bomb, put down rock wall between you and lava, use fissure to take potshots at hunters, safe from attack. this is super temporary, though, and takes awhile to set up but feels awesome, like you’re firing from in a bunker or pillbox or something.

situation 2:
you are fed up with salt wall and you put no points into it, in favor of a more offensive stance. it very important you choose your perks well with this strat. I like to use damage resistance or movement speed, since it helps me avoid and/or survive stage 1 fights, but cooldown reduction, damage increase, and stamina recharge are also very viable.

stage 1:
tongue grab: 1
fissure: 1
lava bomb: 1

stage 2:
tongue grab: 1
fissure: 3
lava bomb: 2

stage 3:
tongue grab: 3
fissure: 3
lava bomb: 3

a great combo to use is lava bomb your feet, and use it as a base of operations. tongue grab hunters to you to drag them over the coals. fissure to hit hunters out of LoS. fissure is a VERY underestimated and misused move, since it is basically the monster version of Cabot’s railgun; it can hit hunters you can smell but not see. sooooo good. for this, I recommend damage resistance or cooldown reduction, because without your salt shield you’re very exposed, and you need to get lava bomb, fissure, and tongue grab back in order to use them to their full effectiveness.


I feel Behemoth is in a good spot right now. I feel it’s more of people playing him incorrectly than anything else. He has weaknesses, but he also has great strengths. Knowing which is which and choosing your fighting spots is very important.


i guess but when leaving a constant trail its hard to get the hunters off you and then hunters are on you alot you cant allways choose where to fight if the trapper just waits for you


If you eat around pro monster areas and get domed, then that is a success. If they don’t chase you into a pro monster area, you just eat and evolve. You can also get some great distance while rolling away, then you go sneaking.


I think he’s great. I don’t use rockwall at all, it sucks and I always have tongue grab.