Anyone else feel like Caira is still the only viable medic on high level?


As much as I love all the medics in Evolve, it still feels like Caira is the only who can truely stand a chance and doesn’t 100% rely on having Hank/Sunny on the team.

Val’s self-heal is too weak (is getting fixed, so this might not be valid anymore after the patch). But the argument of ‘tranqs count as self-defense’ is a bit low. Tranqs barely do anything to a monster in combat. The amount of stamina he gains easily outrules it. The tranq is great for chasing and keeping a running/hiding monster highlighted in a dome.

Lazarus has been thoroughly discussed in multiple topics. Can’t keep the trapper alive, cloak becomes less effective the more skillful the monster is etc etc.

And Slims healing just feels too weak as well. He requires to constantly fire at the monster from medium range, heavily exposing himself. His heal bursts only heals 1/3rd of a regular heal burst. If the monster is agile/stunlocking you while also doing good damage, you won’t be able to keep yourself up due to lack of shots that you land. It is an unreliable form of healing, which will always be inferior to Caira’s reliable healing. Not to mention that one healing grenade does pretty much the same as one Slim healing burst, perhaps even more.
The heal drone very rarely does any healing in a fight as well. Only of the monster happens to lose a hunter who is cloaked (again, very unusual vs good monsters). Other than that, the time spend sending out the bug could be better spend shooting the leech gun or landing another spore cloud.
Now the spore cloud is a very unique and intresting defensive tool for Slim. I can see how frustrating it is for a monster and don’t mind the upcoming nerf to it. It’s just that… his healing is so lackbuster that the cloud is sometimes all he brings.

Now of course the argument could be made that Caira does the least damage/doesn’t provide weak spots, but is that really what’s important vs a very skilled monster? I’m sure it’s nice to see the monster riddled with weak spots and tranqd. Too bad he’s in your face bashing you into the ground and there is nothing you can do about it because you are not Caira.

Anyone else sharing this opinion? If not, please tell me why.


Caira has the best medic kit… others are still viable, but she is still the best imo


I don’t play Hunter much. If at all, so I can’t argue to well for Val or Laz. As somebody who has basically only played monster since launch, though, I learned that Slim shouldn’t focus on healing, even if he is the Medic. Slim needs to focus on setting up spore clouds to disorient the monster - hunters don’t need to cloak. Yeah, monster can single him out via his shots, but Slim can open up an opportunity for the others to really get in and do.some damage.


Val is getting there and I love her to death but the more I’ve played the more I have to concede that Caira is still superior. Val is brilliant during the early stages of the hunt but when it comes to stage 2 onward fights she simply can’t keep up with damage output. I can heal and self sustain to much greater effect. If someone gets downed, even a kraken has to really put some time in (and get punished for it) to kill them off when Caira is healing from range, otherwise they can be revived in a short amount of time.

I’ll be very interested to try Val more after the coming patch to see how she does with some survivability. Currently without Hank I don’t find her viable still against a good monster. I’d love to feel as strong with Val as I prefer playing her and hopefully that’ll be the case.

Slim is just, eh, he doesn’t suit my playstyle at all so I can’t judge how good he is. I fear he has to fight far too close to be effective.


val is pretty much fine as she is but we take any buffs :stuck_out_tongue:

problem is that ppl are playing her like caira and than they complain that it doesnt work and val requieres good communication with ure support


With the nerf coming to Slim’s spore launcher I think he might have dropped out of being seriously viable. He just can’t heal himself very good. If you get hit by a mammoth bird, one heal burst won’t fully heal you, I don’t even think 2 will. If he could just put the drone on himself that would solve that problem however. You’re right, he doesn’t seem to heal enough because if he is trying to get a decent sized spore cloud up mid battle, someone is probably going to die. A good bonus is being able to keep an incap hunter alive / revive them with the drone so if the monster runs away after an incap you can keep chasing while the drone picks up the hunter.

Val’s self heal is getting a buff so maybe she will become viable, but I can’t stand how much she needs either Sunny or Hank as the support. Her medgun can’t out heal level 2+ monsters so if someone is getting hit hard you need to have them shielded and have the medgun on them. Plus she can’t really stop a monster from attacking her so shielding Val is a necessity.

Lazarus needs a very good team behind him and hope the monster is Wraith. Kraken shouldn’t be able to stop him from rezzing someone but that’s a whole other issue in itself. His cloak is good and will be even better with the new patch so he can live longer and get more stealth revives. He benefits most off of Cabot and Torvald / Parnell so you can punish camping monsters.

I can see Laz and Val getting better as the game progresses, but for now Caira will be the most tournament viable due to her kit. Slim needs some work. He might have one of those circumstances where his kit is a cool idea, but in reality has too many flaws.

Those are my opinions anyway.


I main as medic, and have a love/hate relationship with all of them:

Val - I’m playing with her more and more b/c I like the satisfaction of the tranq darts and sniper rifle. Her ability to survive is getting better, but still lacking. I would like to see the MedGun leech onto her to help her maintain, so that bursts can be given to multiple teammates instead of just saving them for when I need them on myself. Also, I wish the MedGun beam would be invisible to the monster, it just makes her too big of a target, especially when her survivability is so low to begin with.

Laz - I like playing as him, but success is too dependent on monster’s skill level. Again, like with Val, the sniper rifle is fun. Not sure I would make any changes to him, really.

Caira - def the best at stage 3, but shooting at teammates vs shooting at a giant monster just isn’t very fun. I feel like all utility and no fight.

Slim - he’s fun to play with, but hard to keep everyone up at stage 3. Half the time I feel like i get targeted right through a spore cloud, so sometimes feels useless. I do love the drone to have everyone easily at 100% health going into a battle. I like that i get to be actively shooting the monster, i’d just like to see his leech gun firing rate sped up, and maybe a bigger slip size so I can heal faster, even if it doesn’t increase in damage.


I think that Caira is the only reliable medic, but every other one is viable, if you play them right.
When I’m a pub medic I play Caira.
Why? Shes an idiot proofer.
If i’m with people that know what theyre doing, I choose Laz.
Why? He is much more rewarding if the team can play to his strengths well enough.

So really, Caira is reliable, but she has a less rewarding kit as all she can do is heal.


In pubs I play Laz if teammates are sub level 20 (They die so much from taking hits from wildlife its not even funny) and Caira if the monster is above 35 because I need a reliable healing outlet if the monster knows what they are doing and my team doesn’t. I play Val if I feel like it or I have friends that know what they are doing.


val doesn’t get hurt if she isn’t close to the monster. she’s designed to be as far from combat as possible, so find a sniper perch and spam the heals and tranqs.


Yep, each Medic has their little niche regarding the teams skill level, and Caira is just the one that will work in any and all situations, I mean she can heal through Behemoths rock wall, shes pretty healy ^.^


Caira is the EASIEST medic to use, and thus best for “end game players” looking to squeak the most out of it.

HOWEVER: Other medics bring more to the plate, and I thinkk other medics synergize more with a pre-made team than caira does. But I’m not “pro”… so I wouldn’t know :smile:


Only problem is without a hank or sunny a monster can just focus Val. She can’t heal herself that well, and with a good monster will take her down even if she trys to stay away from the fight. I don’t think val is bad, and with the self heal buff coming she will be good. She just isn’t as good as caira, but no medic can stand up to her kit.


Slim can be usable if you know what monster the monster is taking. He has problems vs kraken and wraith but can do pretty well against goliath and behemoth.


Ya it think she is because being able to boost your team and heal extremely is so valuable.


I mostly agree with all of your opinions on medics… Well said

On slim… I feel before the latest patch, his damage/regen gain was more in line to where it needed to be for his kit/play style… He’s a combat medic, that needs to stay engaged close to be contributing… His spore cloud is fine also, needs no nerfs… Monsters just need to stay mobile, and out of cloud and will have plenty of success… Sure new players and less skilled players will have trouble, there’s a saying “practice makes perfect”…

I feel the same players always have complained when they are forced to change there play/style or actually have to compete to win… I’m not sure where this attitude of always expecting to win as monster… But I’m tired of all the nerfs coming as result of complaining…


I can do around 7k+ damage with slim a game and for a medic that is pretty substantial. His damage before that was a little wild but not enough for me to personally scream nerf.

His spore cloud is getting a nerf to lessen it’s AOE, why i’m not too sure. I don’t see how in combat he has enough time to place more than 2 at a time anyway so lessening the AOE would make his cloud really easy to avoid / play around.

Yes there is a lot of complaining about hunters / monsters screaming for nerfs, but most aren’t warranted therefore not being added. I would much rather them continue to buff the weaker hunters / monsters like Bucket, Lazarus, Slim (Why can’t he put a heal drone on himself exactly but Sunny can shield herself), and Abe.

I do like what is in the new patch however. They seem like they are addressing these issues from the correct angle.


I think Val will be AMAZING after the buff…Her self healing will be pretty damn good, combined with tranqs will give her great survivability.


really caira is good for stage one fights cause she can out heal a stage one monster. but a stage two monster pretty much deals as much as she heals. but since she needs to reload that means you gain ground . . . that reload is what makes her a deal breaker for me and in my opinon the easiest medic to exploit

hit the person a few times. wait for the 4 grenades to pop then use a ability. by the time you recover from most she is healing again so just wack away. when she reloads BOOM ability again rinse repeat. val doesnt reload but doesnt heal QUIIIte fast enough. once the new buff for her comes out im sure she will be much better


Hmm? I may have missed out, do you have a link?