Anyone else experiencing more bugs after Tuesdays update?


Since the update new bugs I have seen, I have seen lots the game has had 1000s since launch but these are new and even worse because of how often they happen, my NAT is open

  • Joining as monster but not actually being monster, hard to explain but you know what I’m talking about if it’s happened, you get a broken monster HUD and can move around and actually watch the AI monster fight as you

  • getting kicked out of every game when playing with friends in a party, as soon as I pick my character in lobby i get disconnected, I then join and now my character is back to default tier 1

  • being booted out of games more often now

  • plus lots of bugs with behemoth like getting stuck on geometry, not being able to climb, freezing etc.

Anyone else having more problems since the update?

I love this game but this is killing it for me…