Anyone else experience games where Behemoth can just casually walk out of an Arena/Dome?


This is super annoying, I’ve had this happen two times now and the other hunters inside the dome even saw the many behemoths just walking out of a dome like nobody’s business.

Like it happens after the arena is down, like I had a freaking harpooned on him before he walked out.


I have got this with Kraken and Goliath too.

They just casually walk outside it, sometimes when the dome just came up, sometimes when it is half way through.


It’s lag, I belive. Sometimes I legit see the Monster jump and get halted by the arena wall, and then in the blink of an eye they’re out and running for their life.


the worst part that when this both happened was the fact that the monsters were walking so casually out of the dome. I had one of them harpooned as Griffin and me and the other hunters were baffled at how he walked out even after the dome has been down for a good 3 seconds.


I get this with Goliath, especially if he leaps smashes as it’s going down; or he’s climbing a wall before it drops.


Or… they teleport out of the dome, :confused:


They seem to teleport, after leap smashing for me. They look like they hit the wall, then seem to vanish outside the dome.


Remember when I domed that guy and he escaped? And then we Amp + SSed him to a pulp anyway? :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, it gets slightly annoying. But we made him regret it. ^.^


Yes we did.

He would’ve regretted it more if you synced SS with the Amp. :wink:


I’m terrible on assault, I try though.


Silence. You are amazing at Assault. You merely need to mind your surroundings.