Anyone else excited for Jurassic World?


So, the first thing I thought when I played Evolve was: Jurassic Park (besides “this is freakin’ amazing”). Evolve really reminds me of it, especially on forest maps. I recently watched all 3 movies again (even though I don’t like The Lost World) to kill some time, because it’s not frickin’ february 10th yet!! After seeing the trailer for Jurassic World, I’m super excited (no, not as excited as for Evolve). Anyone else?


I got hyped but then realised it wont be the same as when you watched them in your childhood (even tho I still love dinosaurs, dont get me wrong)
I’ve just been disappointed by too many of these ‘nostalgia sequels’


They had at me at raptor gang


Anyone else excited for Jurassic World?



Hell yes is an understatement.


I’m going to have to pass on this one. I like Chris Pratt, that’s the only thing going for that movie. It’s the first time I actually feel like a movie is just trying to bring you in on based mostly on nostalgia.


I am totally excited for Jurassic World! I loved the trailer and I am so hyped for the movie. The Indominus Rex looks amazing.

Here’s the trailer for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet.


HNNNNNGH! I cannot wait for that movie!


I love the Jurrasic park movies (Although I can’t stand the 3rd)… And as much as I want to be excited about this new one, I can’t help but being a little disappointed from the trailers. They open the park despite everything that has happened, they create their own super killing Dinosaur despite everything that has happened, they have no emergency plan for evacuating the island despite everything that has happened… and so on and so on.


I’m indifferent to be honest. Like my feelings for the Robocop reboot, I know I’m going to enjoy it for its own unique takes. But sadly, due to nostalgia goggles, I’ll probably be in the collection of “the original was better lol” pool.

Now if I was an 8 year old kid all over again, I’d most likely say that this movie’s going to be the bees knees and the hype knows no bounds! I mean hell, it has dinosaurs! WHAT BOY WOULDN’T BE HYPED?!?!


I’m SUPER mixed on it. I feel from the trailer alone that the movie is trying to hard to be the best in the franchise, and in the process it comes off as a bit silly. I mean, hear are my main complaints.

  • In Guardians of the Galaxy, Chris Pratt proved to me he is a fantastic actor, able to go from serious to hilarious in a few moments. Aside from one or two really stupid jokes, I was sold. In the trailer, he comes off as having the ‘Mc Blanderson’ syndrome that ruined Ford’s character in the latest Godzilla film. Stand around and either stare into space or hold your mouth open, talk in a monotone near-whisper, say boring child stuff.

  • I am incredibly mixed on the whole ‘Raptor Taming’ bit. At one point, it’s very awesome. At the other point, I’m worried it’s going to make the fearsome predators into lap dogs. The raptors look a bit silly in the trailer as well.

  • I also really hope the T.rex has a good presence in this film and isn’t just something the ‘D.Rex’ can kill to prove how strong he is. Maybe have it be the wildcard they release to fight it, something just as strong despite being a natural creature.

  • On the D.Rex thing, I’m incredibly pissed not because they made a new dinosaur, but because of how boring a design it is. I mean, really?!?! It could literally be any theropod. Allosaurus? Saurophaganax? Torvosaurus? Albertosaurus? The list goes on and on and on, it’s so generic. If you want a cool original dinosaur, have fun. No point in going for accuracy, you have the classic raptors and those HORRID pterosaur designs we just saw.

  • Also, why in the literal HELL does the D.Rex have to ‘kill for sport’. Why can’t it just kill because, I don’t know, it’s a #@$$@# dinosaur!?!? I mean seriously, that’s so ridiculous.


I will comment on the second to last and the last point you made.

Firstly, its exciting it isn’t a generic dinosaur, for how awesome it would be to see a bigger dinosaur, i think the genetic splicing and such fits with the original JP and such, and makes it more exciting, also leaves room for creativity.

Also, killing for sport is a huge sign of intelligence on the D.Rex’s part, which builds character, and also a sign of cruelty.


I was saying I was mad that it was a generic one, not that it wasn’t.

On the latter bit, wolves and hippos kill for sport and they aren’t as intelligent as this super-dino apparently is, so I don’t think it’s a huge sign of intelligence.




Just correcting you on one minor thing you said.
D rex has had its name changed to indominus rex or I rex.
Also the I rex looks like an normal theropod because… It’s a theropod. The director also said that they tried to make it not a mutant freak like those chaos effect toys in the jurassic park toy line. So far the hybrid is a mix between a rex, raptor, cuttlefish and death adder. They also mention dinos like carnotaurus and stuff like that on some websites I read.


Like the ending of this trailer when I rex puts her finger through the sphere. It’s like saying 'Can opener, (puts finger through sphere) who needs one!


I saw what you did there, LOL XD
It actually made me watch the trailer again to double check


The dude has trained/tame raptors and they go out for midnight joy rides along his motorcycle. What’s not to like?