Anyone else enjoying their night like me?


my sim city launcher is broken and i keep getting an error i cant fix so i go to the support i spend 3 hours doing stuff that dont help and wait for him to come with something new… finally he says if i get some info about my computer history log thing they can maybe figure it out so i go spend another 30 min to get the info i go to the site and oh look i cant get to the place where i attach the files and i look in the chat room and support is gone and now i cant reconnect to a support so i just wasted 3 and a half hours on nothing… What about you guys? any fun storys with technical/customer support?


Go try Blizzards customer support, they make you want to kill them sometimes…


hehe… i could only imagine :smiley:

#4 Support - now with Support Suicide Hotline.