Anyone else enjoying Behemoth beatdowns?


I dunno about you guys, but seeing a Behemoth get absolutely annihilated makes me smile for some reason. Here’s a good clip I got earlier, probably my best one yet. I took the capacity perk & had the sloth buff. I’ve also got elite mastery on Torvald so +10% damage from shotgun and 1.6x on the weakspots.

If we had a damage amping Cabot it could’ve been so much better. I should probably take advantage of this time and work on my Parnell mastery…


And this is why I’m not playing anymore until a balance patch.


if you enjoy no challenge thumbs up for you, personaly i just think its sad .


And then they tell youu Behemoth is fine … I don’t think the *2.0 damage went out at any point during this short fight. granted, Behemoth wasn’t stellar by any stretch, but there is nothing remarkable either in Torvald’s gameplay …


on monsters prespective ._. …wat


So weak. Why is it fun to decimate a monster that gets easily decimated? Because it’s not.


once they fix the bug that makes behemoth take double damage things like this will be fixed


Ya beating Behemoth right now isn’t an accomplishment.

Your basically getting headshots at all times so multipliers like weakpoints are giving you 4 times damage from val.
3.3 from torvald and Laz.
6 times if you shoot a val weakpoint while he’s getting damage amped
I think it can go up to 8 if you shoot his weakspot with a weakpoint and he’s getting damage amped but I could be wrong.

Once he gets fixed he’ll be A LOT better



its boring as fuck

u catch him stage 1 anyway

just facetank him and spamm dmg

i feel so bad for the behemoth player everytime its not even funny anymore