Anyone else done this?


I’ve been sitting at my desk waiting for codes, Robb’s twitter on one monitor, Jess’s on another and EvolveGame’s twitter on another.

After 8 hours of waiting here, still no code. I will keep waiting until I get one!

(I’m totally not obsessed or anything)

I’m also getting really tired, but it’s worth it :wink:


I thought about it, but then thought better of it. Not going to sit around and race bots/other people when multiple people from TRS have stated there will be other avenues of entry.


I just got up early and waited for Phil Robb to post a trivia question on twitter, where the first 10 to answer a question win a code. Since it has a better chance of bots or whatever to not grab it, I thought this was the best bet, instead of waiting for codes that can be copy and pasted. I think it took 1 minute to get 10 answers to the question, and I was lucky enough to be in the first 10. Makes you wonder how posting codes can cause them to all be used in 2 seconds, but a simple question can take 1 minute to get 10 answers. Maybe it was because it was earlier in the morning, and a lot were asleep.


Instead of having all accounts open, why not just follow them so that their tweets will pop up?

as long as you are spamming F5, that is…


Actually guys they’re reviewing the process right now (according to Facebook) so it might be changing soon. If it doesn’t, however, the forum post up with the codes is the best bet if ya ask me. They put out about 15-20 and you have a good few minutes to get them as not many people check the forum compared to Facebook/twitter.


Im about to lol XD.


I’ve done it, yes, and thankfully, I managed to snatch a code from a list that was posted on these very forums.


I’ve managed to get a code, but hopefully I am chosen out of the many to play!


I haven’t done this because I only have one monitor. :smile:


wow thats some dedication! Well i just looked at which time they posted the codes on the first day and looked around this time on the second day. So i limited my search to 1 hour and still got a code :wink:


Probably same problem here.


Look and see if they keep posting them at the same times. I haven’t checked but I thought thats what they were doing.


Yes. As of now, I have a tablet and laptop up and ready.