Anyone else craving a good WW2 FPS game?


Last good WW2 game IMO was WaW and all this new “advanced” shit is getting old real quick. I just want my Tommy gun with drum mag so I can stomp the Nazi scum!


Never was interested in war FPS games. CoD ruined it for me. ^.-


I think, World at Arms? Is it? Iunno, but theres an awesome one thats F2P on steam ^.^


Yeah I am! I really want a WW2 game. What is funny is when COD WaW came out I was so sick of WW2 games. Now with all the games being about zombies and future combat I am just ready for a good WW2 game again.


There are several F2P games very much like this on Steam. Try one of those, @Ron_Swanson?


same here 100%


Heroes And Generals is one I’ve heard about recently. And it’s free I believe.


Day Of Defeat


Battlefield bad company 3!!


Don’t worry, it will come full circle eventually. My guess is CoD will go that way once they’ve tired out the jump-jet gimmick.


If you’re into singleplayer stuff, Wolfenstein: The New Order is sick. Also, Wolfenstein: The Old Blood is coming out soon and it’s significantly cheaper (I think).
Both are singleplayer only, so there’s that.