Anyone else catch it?


For a short period today new skins were available in the shop including Poison Dart Frog Goliath, but interestingly enough there were 2 player skins for a “Renegade Abe” (looks like Abe who joined The Division) and at the end of the list of weapon skins was a set for Electric Griffin (saw this thanks to my friend pointing it out). These are obviously new variations that got accidentally leaked if not just ideas. Anyone else see them?


Search the forums before posting you will find real treasures if you do so :wink:
Enjoy the skins Renegade Abe looks like young and badass version of Abe ^^


Doesn’t include the info on electric Griffin though. °^° hmm. Not a big issue though


I’d rather see the monster skins.



Yep! Please continue discussing in the linked Topic above!