Anyone else annoyed by these last minute sales?


I cancelled my regular preorder and got the Monster Race edition a day after it was announced. Yesterday I gifted my friend a regular version via Steam.

So in total I’ve now lost what, $40? I know TRS doesn’t control this stuff, but it’s pretty annoying to get shafted this hard for supporting the game early.


Yes. I don’t know if TRS gets any kind of extra cut from a full sale (probably the only one benefiting from a full priced sale is 2K) but that’d be the only silver lining if they did.


It sucks but nobody forced you to gice the game away for free.


I don’t get this. You bought the game at a certain price point. You obviously considered it a fair price point or you wouldn’t have purchased it. However, something down the road comes along and you get upset? No offense or anything but I just don’t get that line of thinking. I can see the “Oh nuts” moment you might have had, but not enough to warrant a thread complaining about it.


It’s frustrating to support something and buy something when it’s available instead of waiting until the last minute and then see people who were on the fence, are just hearing about the game, or waited until 4 days before release to pay a significant amount less than you did. I’m not up in arms about it but I don’t think OP is being unreasonable.


This wasn’t intended to be a super serial boycott complaint thread, I’m just saying it’s a little annoying.


I can understand the frustration, but the sale wasn’t aimed for you. You already purchased the game. It’s precisely for the people ‘on the fence’.

I agree, you just came of a little hot headed :stuck_out_tongue:


Didn’t mean to, it just feels bad to support something early and have it cost you $25. Being kinda poor is also probably a factor :stuck_out_tongue:

Though I suppose this is a life lesson, preorder last minute in case of sales.


This is why I didn’t pre-order until PC Monster Race came out. There is almost always more as release gets closer.

Personally I was hoping for more of a Collector’s Edition, but either way I’m glad I waited :slight_smile:


I understand the marketing behind it but what if you bought digital deluxe now for $80 in order to get the season pass for $5 off the full $25 and then in a few months, when they’re first available, the t4 hunters end up costing $10 dollars for all of them?

I get that it would be to entice uninterested people but it would alienate people who had faith in the promised quality of the game initially.


To add insult to the ainjury check this new thread Up to 25% off Evolve on GMG

you can buy PCMR edition for 80bucks :smiley:

Shitty practices.


I think that’s what he’s referencing to begin with actually.


Yeah I lost a lot of money here as well, but what can you do? =/

They are all GMG or clone sites of it, if they were steam deals you could cancel and re-order.


GMG does this with literally every big release. A fair chunk of my steam library is from GMG. Got Inquisition, Civ BE, Evolve, and most every other game to come out recently for a minimum of 20% off. I think I ended up with 3 copies of Dragon Age for $120.


I’m a little annoyed, I preordered ages ago before they released the different packs. So I canceled my order and repurchased the deluxe edition. And now on GreenManGaming, it’s cheaper again! I would have saved £2 if I had just waited until now to buy it. It’s not that much, but still.

I know in future to just practically wait until release day before buying any games. Once bitten, twice shy ‘n’ all that.


That’s good to know, I’ve never really payed any attention to GMG before. Will keep that in mind for the future.


Nah, just visit GMG. Usually the best discounts are a bit further out than this.


Thats the price of purchasing early. If you aren’t getting the goods right here and right now you aren’t forced to purchase. People that want to save money will almost always wait for last minute deals. It’s pretty much how Black Friday works with in store ‘super sales’ etc… I’ve learned a long time ago that when I purchase something months in advance of getting it early, I run the risk of buying it for more. I’ve learned to accept that. Do I see sales down the road and smack myself for not waiting, sure, but it’s nothing new. It will always be there.


If there would have been one reasonable price for the game, season pass and DLC we would not have people angry right now. It is your fault for supporting a company that didn’t do it right from the beginning and only cares about making as much money as they can off a game. Still to get things at a cheaper price you can cancel pre-orders much of the time so go do it if you can.


I was never on the fence; found a coupon code for 23% off at GMG and pre-purchased Evolve PC Monster Race Edition for $77 USD on January 20th. There are always deals; you just need to be on the lookout for them, and be patient.