Anyone else always leave games in progress?


The ONLY reason i will stay is if i join on like day 4 or 5 of an Evac Campaign. People always ask me to stay to make the game better, but i always leave because my experience is going to be bad. I cannot pick perks, my guy etc and usually have a better chance of losing. What do you guys think about leaving games in progress?


Nope. It’s just me but I refuse to quit a game.

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I feel I am better than a single perk. A perk or in this case, not having a perk does not break the game for me. I do not even feel like I am at a disadvantage. Sure, maybe I don’t have health regen when Laz is there or do not have movement speed as a trapper, but the game is still damned playable and you can always get buffs from wildlife if it is that much of a concern.

Many tournaments actually turn off perks as it is too hunter favored as well as wildlife perks and character mastery buffs.

But if you need a perk so bad that you cannot wait until the next match, well I feel sorry for you and your first world problems

Edit I am also pretty sure, if you join in a game, and you do lose, it does not count as a loss, but would count as a win if you did win. As well as getting character mastery progression


i stay in the lobby so i dont continue to enter in progress games.

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The only time ive ever left was because it was a stage 1 goliath bot with 1/2 bar of health against hackers.
Aint touchin that.
Otherwise id stick around since theres always the next match to be played


I have only left 1 game so far and that was due to bad connection. I joined as Goliath and when I pressed a button to use an ability there was a 5 second delay between pressing the button and the ability being used. Made it very difficult to hunt and fights were near impossible to win.

I don’t really mind joining games in progress because I hate people leaving mid game so I feel I would be a bit of a hypocrite if I left without a good reason and it makes that game better for the players you joined. Also you will be in a lobby after that game anyway so it saves time.

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