Anyone els think that Cabot's RailGun has too much range?


When I play as a monster and the other side has Cabot, it is nearly impossible to feed because he can praticly shoot through the entire map. I think that since Cabot’s railgun has the ability to shoot through walls, I think that it should have a nerf’d range. He can keep is current range when a direct hit, but after it shoots through a wall, it should have a certain range.

If not, anyone got any tips for avoiding this?


I think the range is okay. There are many times as a Cabot that I think I would hit but turns out to be too far. Try distancing yourself a little more.


I do. Even then I get really far away, I still get hit by it


Hmm, that’s weird. I could’ve swear the range wasn’t really that far. Maybe need @MacMan to clarify on this?


Has too much range?
Does it matter? Nope


The other supports both have infinite range. Also after the rail gun shoots through a wall it only has a 40m range and reduced damage.


Uh, it’s a Rail Cannon, it’s suppose to have range. Might as well nerf the range on Val’s Sniper Rifle.


The thing fires hypersonic bullets. Yes it’s going to have range. Yes it’s going to do a lot of damage. That’s Cabot’s thing. Shitloads of damage and delicious headshots on kraken players.


In a word, no.


Val’s Sniper doesn’t penetrate through 4 mountains…
Besides, I’m fine with the range if its a direct hit, just after it penetrates something


Rail guns are characterized as being able to penetrate through dense objects so this isn’t actually new, plus they propel a projectile at far higher speed compared to a normal gun which is why the weapon is designed the way it is in game.


cabots railgun only goes through 1 wall if you have more then 1 wall between you and him you should be safe if you want to get away from him try to zig zag two times and then go strait with your leaps and he only can shoot presice when you are dusted so try to not get dusted? you have to evaid birds or run fast away from them because cabot will always try to dust these areas fast .there are a lot of audio cues hear out for them

and he can hit you too when you are darted from abe so run until the darts or dust weares off and then sneak away to eat


40 meters through a object is not four mountains.


More like four anthills.


I think the range once it hits a wall is about 40 feet which is about the same as Goliath jumping 1.5 times so it could be nerfed but its not broken just make sure to break line of site. Hopes this helps.


Actually after unlocking him and playing with him a few times today I was disappointed in the range of it. I assume that since I didn’t see the monsters health bar after shooting him a few times that it wasn’t doing any damage. The monster was a wraith attacking the power relay and I was the last one alive, wanting to do damage and try to kite the monster to buy time… Tried to get decently away but ended up being too far away. Seemed I had to get within 2 wraith dashes to even do damage with it (again, from what I could tell) and that just made me an easy target.


It goes 40m from the first solid object it strikes. Could be one wall, could be 50 walls. As long as they’re all within 40m of the primary strike.


the railgun as infinite range but when it first makes contact with solid object it loses 50% damage and can only travel 40m as soon as it makes contact with solid object so for example if there was a huge rock which was 50m thick the railguns projectile wouldn’t make it all the way through. You understand what I mean now?


I just want to add, Cabot bot “CaBOT” is my most hated bot. The bastard will shoot you with LoS anywhere on the damn map it seems! I was Goliath in a game yesterday with 100% smell range buff and CaBOT was well outside that range (100+ metres?) but he was still nailing me with the gun whenever there was LoS. So Bots use aimbot? Damn right they do!