Anyone could help me with random frame drops on PC? [SOLVED]


well its from what he figured out is the Micron GDDR6 memory verses the Samsung memory. Micron isn’t working at the specs that the card was set to. At least it cant work at the specs for more than a few months. You could RMA the card and get the manufacture to replace it for free. But if you can solve your problems for now and RMA it later before the warranty runs out you would be better off. In the video you will see the 500mhz underclock of the memory that fixes his card makes like a one FPS difference in most games.

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Ok, first of all i’ll try if underclocking actually solves my problem. If so, i’ll send it back asap. Thank you a lot mate!

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Ok i tried using the aorus engine since it was the gpu’s original oc program. I tried to turn down the clocks and apparently it starts to stutter pretty heavily after opening borderlands 2 for quite a bit of time… i think i have to give back the gpu sooner than expected.


Wow, That stinks. Well at least you now know what was the issue!

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Contacted my vendor, they are ready to substitute my GPU as long as i send them a video of the freezes. Any efficient program to record the screen? Also i’d like to send them the profilers of the clocks, is there any program to record the profilers too?

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Paging @MaddCow


Sorry, been really busy lately. Didn’t have time to go through the thread, but what version of Windows are you operating? Is this 7, 8.1 or 10? Also, is it a set time each time or is it ‘around’ a certain time?


Nevermind, don’t worry, already did the recordings. Still i kinda figured out why the gpu was spiking at random. Also i think i still need to send back my gpu since it crashes if i ubderclock it or creates some random artificials when even slightly overclocking


Good to know. Sorry I wasn’t much help :wink:

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Sent back the GPU for RMA and it was effectively malfunctioning. Thanks to everyone who helped me troubleshooting!!!
@ToiletWraith @MaddCow @Bot you can close the thread, thanks :slight_smile:

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