Anyone could help me with random frame drops on PC? [SOLVED]


I just noticed something else to note… Before I had many network drops during this fiasco and I had to unplug replug in the adapter. (wifi) especially if I was switching from one internet source to the next.

now I can unplug my phone the usb wifi stays connected…

Soo as far as I can tell it’s def. something to do with HDD stuff.


Ok, this time i kept task manager opened, and it seems that the HDD activates with random peaks of activity every once in a while but they aren’t synced with the hiccups i’m getting. Anything related with Unity was closed obviously.


Ive got another idea. What type and spec is your monitor? Does it have g-sync. If its a cheap freesync monitor or cheap tv it might not be able to keepup with the performance that the 2070 is putting out. But if you turn on Vsync the issue might go away.

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Due to the rhythmic occurrences of the freezes, I would posit that it is some software installed on your computer that is running an update check or something that is briefly chugging your computer. Try exploring what programs launch on startup and disable non-essential ones.

You may try launching your PC in safe mode and checking if the problem persists (safe mode prevents all non-essential programs from launching on startup)


It’s an LG Flatron D2242 with 60Hz max of refresh rate. Though, i always keep frame rate capped or v sync active on older games

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Will explore deeper on eventual programs running and see what is happening. Thanks for the advice!

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I find it weird that its a 3d monitor… I also have an oldschool 144hz 3D monitor… An asus vg248. I always use vsync off. always provides best experience…

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Yeah, i find it weird too that i bought that thing lul it was 6-7 years ago when i thought 3D was the new meta… yeah… lul


Dispelling my HDD from my system has increased my performance into the high 90’s


Tonight i will finally try to disable the HDD after checking if there are any programs that could cause hiccups, thanks for the info though!!!


Disabled the HDD and checked for suspicious activities but still no solution found yet :frowning:


8( That is such a bummer… I like my drive being unplugged from the system. Something was happening with that type of connection on my end. I hope we can find a resolution for you soon.


Is it normal that in device management i see 12 times my CPU in the CPU section?




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One per thread?


Ok found out why 12, nothing special, it’s the number of logical processors


Could it be some weird packetloss? Might want to try pingplotter and see if something is being sneaky there


Not connection. Tried on games like Serious Sam where online doesn’t influence. Still get those hiccups after my pc is turned on for at least 2 hours. The weird thing is that hiccups stop after i do a reboot. Then, again, after 2 hours, hiccups return.

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I have your older Sister chip the i5-3570k ^.^

Sooo… If you are willing, I will go through a full system reset and we can put this together one piece at a time… remember, if in doubt rip it out.

Step one, remove everything from system, make it a barebones system that can boot… no optical drives, no extra drivers… Just memory, processor, and default video…

(oh before we go further, you disabled the onboard intel video?)

Then, your first step is to load up the system for the first time, while it loads windows make sure you TURN OFF UPDATES and DO NOT REGISTER WINDOWS yet.

After it seems stable, shut it down and just install the graphics card… Start your system and let windows install a base driver… (it might have a good enough driver)

If the system recognizes your card and loads a default for it you should be ok for now, otherwise, go grab your drivers from its manf and install those.

(you will be doing this adding the vendor drivers, but the idea for now is to keep all foreign software on the system.)

Load the game on the minimal setup… play and see if your experience rises.

IF IT DOES HAPPEN… you most likely have a hardware issue. Common suspects at this point are the memory sticks and then the power supply… thats about it.

(see thats why you start your computer builds NAKED ^.^)

if your system does not display the issues from before, then there is a software problem from this point out… now its time for selective installs

(remember, windows is not updated yet)

Anyways, at this point you install ONLY what you use on the system… METHODICALLY… see below.


Now, install your software piece by piece and creating restore points to jump backwards. As you go through this you will also be testing your system after EACH PIECE OF SOFTWARE is installed)

Continue to do this till you find the offending software.

(Now… video drivers from vendor)
These have caused issues in the past because they come with bloatware and that is why we never load their software in full… So if you can… just grab the drivers)

Now 2 days later… Let me know where you stand.

Welcome to tech install 101

edit::ps I havent found mine yet, but there is a software you could get, it runs whats called burn in test. it will run all the cycles on your machine searching for memory leaks and hardware faults.