Anyone change from not going to buy to most likely will buy from the Alpha?


I know I did the one problem I have is this, I have two people with a PS4 and a bad PC and two people with OK PCs and no PS4s.

And I would like to play as a group of four with them but I would need the two with OK PCs to get PS4s for that, either before or when Evolve launches.

Anyone else change their minds about the game after the Alpha?


Not sure yet, I would like to know before some answers from the Devs regarding some general questions, let’s see how it ‘‘evolves’’ the development.

What do you mean with an OK PC?
Tell you buddies with ‘‘bad PC’s’’ that there is a possibility to build a PC for gaming, a budget a bit higher than PS4 or Xbox One price, with med-high specs (around $500-550 USD Dlls), definitely it would run Evolve on it’s FULL glory.


They don’t won’t to play on PC though, the others want to get PS4s anyway they just don’t want to pay 450$(price in Canada).

By OK PCs I mean they could play this but they would have to play on the lowest setting most likely, I’m not sure what kind of FPS they would reach though.

As for me I have both a Good gaming PC and a PS4, Evolve will feel very downgraded when I try it on PS4 after playing on Ultra with 60FPS this whole time.


Went from “already pre-ordered” to planning a raid on TRS to secure a playable build…


OK after some thinking I’m going to get it on PS4, though I’ll wait to see if one of the discounts or deals pop up on preorders before preordering it.


The Alpha has only made me love this game even more then I initially did. I’ve been following this game closely probably since back in early June, and ever since then I can’t get enough of this game. I swear I have probably seen every game play video there is out there and every interview haha. Playing this Alpha just made me even more certain then I already was that this is the game I am most looking forward to and will spend many, many hours playing it


I put down ‘probably not’

However in reality can’t say after that, would need to keep trying update builds along the way to see how it changes/improves


From some of the stuff the devs have said a lot of the problems are already fixed in the one they play, at least for me.


As someone who bought L4D1 on release I’ll be buying this as well. I trust TRS to take the right steps to make a solid game on release. After the Alpha all my doubts are gone, I’m excited for these next few months.


$550 for ps4/xbox one in Australia


Though I am an enormous fan of both Left 4 Dead games, having pre-ordered both and played a significant amount of time in each, I wasn’t initially convinced on this one. I signed up for the Alpha hoping it would change my mind and boy did it ever. I’d had a vision in my mind of this not having enough new ideas to make it compelling but having played it, and then matching up that experience with what I’ve read and can now actively imagine, I can now fully see the game’s potential for tremendous variation from game to game. While L4D was a lot of fun and there were some weapon options all players really were generalists.

Having 4 distinct classes with much more defined roles that can compliment each other is like blending two of my favorite games, Left 4 Dead and Team Fortress 2, into one awesome game… it is truly looking to be my Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup of gaming. For me the best games are about skill but the strongest underlying element to them is the mental chess match between the sides, figuring out the key to defeating the other team with the playing board that has been set out, no matter what the odds. To me this game has the potential to deliver that more effectively than any other game I’ve played in quite some time so they have a guaranteed purchase from me now.


That’s pretty high, the main reason why they don’t want to pay 450$ is because it started as 400$ here but our dollar went down making it go up to 450$, they want to see if our dollar can go back enough that it will be 400$ again.


Sigh… Do not buy a ps4. Save your money a little bit longer and build a gaming pc. You will not be disappointed. As for the original question, I went from 100% buy, to furious with TRS for the console exclusive BS, then back to 100% buy after the alpha. I may be mad at them but the game is enjoyable.


I agree with the PC over PS4. I built my PC just about two years ago, and I got the PS4 on release date, and I sincerely regret it. No game that I really care about has been released yet on it, and ultimately I should have saved my money. Right now it’s currently sitting unplugged on the top of my gaming console shelf. I have played my SNES more recently, hilarious enough.

I’m super hyped for games such as Metal Gear Solid: Phantom Pain and Kingdom Hearts 3, but they’re so far off that it really doesn’t matter that I own a PS4 right now. I should have kept my PS3.


I will most likely be buying the game.

May not preorder.

Same as before.

Don’t really want to discuss much because it seems like a fine line with the NDA


With you on that Frontliner lol


I have a Gaming PC it cost me 1.5k, I also have a PS4(preordered as soon as I could and got it the day before launch) plus others like Wii U, 3DS, Vita and the older consoles.


Your point?


Aren’t you telling me to build a Gaming PC or was it messing up saying that was a reply for me?


I did not reply to anyone in particular. I was just posting that to whomever.