Anyone bored yet?


I am personally tired of Evolve, I am taking a momentary leave of absence,no I still love the game I’m just burned out for a while.Do any of you feel the same?


1 vote for not bored yet.

Then again I don’t play it exclusively to begin with. >.>

Personally my most played game remains Space Engineers, speaking of which-


A little, sooooo tired of nonstop Hank+Caira, its all I see and its frustrating as F


Really @TheMountainThatRoars ? This shouldn’t be off topic as I’m talking directly about the game.


Fixed it. General is for threads that have anything to do with Evolve as a game. Off Topic is for threads that don’t really have a place or purpose in the forums.


Not bored, and haven’t been playing anything else since launch.





I am. I just got a break until new contents or patch.


I tend to play other games from time to time to prevent burn out.
Warframe and PlanetSide 2 seem to do the job nicely. Both free.


Are you ever gonna give up on your leg ventures?


You,my friend, are dedicated.


Why do you keep changing your picture?


Cuz I’m a loose cannon


Bored of evolve no.
Bored of work,
Bored of life yes


He was promoted in the ranks of Illuminati


Work sucks <(._.<) I know that feel


On the up side I’m getting a raise, my yearly eval came up and I got outstanding on all categories except adaptability :confused:
But that’s cuz my supervisor won’t let me do any of the other jobs in the store. >.>


Noice, a raise is a raise you



…No…good luck then…even it it is fruitless